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2013: Lessons to Take With Me

Part two of my annual round-up. For part one, check out my annual review for 2012.  The last year, or two, weren’t easy–and full of lots of mistakes–but incredible and far better than the first half of my twenties. I’ve mused lately, in my 29th year, what this decade will add up to. What have IRead the articleRead the article

Prioritize action over fear.

In the doing of things, mistakes will be made. But you are doing the things, and that is good. In the face of fear, you can wait or do nothing. You can also choose to act despite the fear. (And not doing something is actually doing something). Choose wisely.

Last Child in the Woods: Richard Louv on Nature Deficit Disorder

“Go and play outside.” This statement, a way for parents to get their children out of the house, used to be a popular command. Some time in the last few decades, however, it became a relic of the past. In a world where we take escalators to the gym, play video games for leisure, andRead the article

Work life balance: do you fill up all of your tanks?

What is work-life balance, anyways? Jenny Blake (author of Life After College) and Lindsey Pollak discuss work-life balance and ask whether or not you are happy in your job, and what that means. During the conversation, my favorite tidbit was the idea that your work may only fill up some of your tank and that it’s okay ifRead the article

Knowing when to take a break: how to recover from a hard day at work

Your boss just yelled at you for the third time, you missed a deadline, and you barely got any sleep for three days in a row. Lurking questions you’ve had about your career choice come rushing to the forefront of your mind, and your thoughts are inundated with yearnings to snap out at your boss,Read the article