Sarah Peck is the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant. She writes about reinventing work and parenting, the future of work, and women’s leadership.

I study how people work and why we do the things we do.

In my work, I look at the fundamentals of psychology, behavior, habits, and ask questions about the nature of our existence. Most of my writing on this blog is personal: I use myself as a guinea pig to test new ways of building habits, learning, and growing. There’s a lot of noise out there about ideal best practices, but I’m interested in what actually works, and why. For that reason, I strive to write about the entire picture, including the failures, mistakes, human quirks, and lessons learned. If you’d like to join along, here’s how you can join my newsletter. My writing touches on leadership, business, habits, and how to set up a life that allows for perpetual learning. I’m constantly experimenting in my own life and sharing the results on this blog, as a life out loud, as part of my own learning. I’ve met some of my now closest friends and mentors through blogging, and I love being able to stay in touch this way. Some other fun facts: I host a weekly podcast on women’s leadership, I’m an open water swimmer, and a practicing yoga teacher.