Reading Lists

I record what I read each year. Here are my book lists for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, as well as my storytelling recommended reading list. I also have a Parenting and Pregnancy reading list round-up coming out soon as mini-books with my company, Startup Pregnant.

Startup Pregnant

After two years at a Manhattan tech startup while starting my family, I am now working on my first full-length published volume — about my experience in the tech startup world while pregnant. The book, called “Startup Pregnant,” is the focus of my writing in a full-length published volume. Anyone on my weekly newsletter will be the first to hear about the backstory of the book and how it’s developing (and you can celebrate with me when it launches).

The Art of Asking

What does it take to get more of what you want? Find out in my book, The Art of Asking: How to Ask For and Get What You Want. I share 21 strategies for creating your best ask, getting more of what you want, and bending the world to your desires. (Well, mostly.) In this 58-page e-book, you’ll get a check-list, email scripts, strategies for creating better asks, and the psychology of why some people master this art. Already read more than 115,000 times (and counting!), this book is recommended reading at several major companies. Enter your email below to get this well-loved essay as a brand-new ebook.