Courses + Workshops:

I help people connect to themselves, their words, and each other.

All of my courses are designed with love, ambition, and inspiration to help you grow your own ability to communicate, connect, and share. All of my courses are taught online. Each course is the product of years of research, thinking, learning, practice, and testing.

If you’d like to book a live workshop with your company email me or sign up for my newsletter to here when I’m speaking or teaching around the world.

Why take a course with me?

  • The credentials: I have a BA in Psychology and an MLA from the University of Pennsylvania. I’m a former competitive NCAA All-American swimmer with a depth of knowledge about sport psychology, yoga, mind-body wisdom, and more. I’m a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. Previously, I spent five years in marketing and communications and have been writing for more than a decade. Read more about what people say, here.
  • The real reason:love teaching, I love explaining things to people, and I’m passionate about sharing ideas and insights that improve our connections to ourselves and each other. I believe that education is central to freedom, and I believe that good communication is imperative for shaping great workspaces, great businesses, great relationships, telling wonderful stories, and even in opening up to your own self.

“Sarah is one of the warmest and kindest people I know. work with her, she will be a change-maker and a reliable and incredibly valuable asset to your team or life.” – Jana Schuberth, Owner, Love Work Now

Self-Guided Courses

Writers-Workshop-Square Advertisement-2013-11-27The Writer’s Workshop: Frameworks and Fundamentals

8 weeks, self-guided program. $300

A course to unlock your inner creative, learn how to tell stories, and create messages that inspire. Fast-paced with lessons and writing exercises three times per week and a private Facebook community of fellow writers to share work with and collaborate with. Full details.

Workshop-ADS-Content Strategy-700Content Strategy for Thought Leaders

8 weeks, self-guided program. $300

Building a thought leadership platform is difficult: what should you say, and where should you say it? Do you need to start a full-time blog? This course is for thought leaders with a website, company, or blog–but need help filling in the content. Learn how to design your own content, be strategic and selective about what you write–and why you don’t need to publish a weekly blog. Includes six blogging templates, a content strategy mapping tool, and exercises to take you from not-blogging to a full framework (with essay outlines!). Full details.


A two-week guided journey. $100.

A two-week journey focused on extraordinarily powerful elements in our lives: gratitude and grace. With daily stories, exercises, and reflection prompts, you’ll learn how to soften to grace and open your heart to gratitude. Each daily practice is designed to help expand your mind and open your heart to reflect on how gratitude and grace can become a part of your life. Full details.

Seminar Series

I teach 60- and 90-minute seminars on select topics on productivity, storytelling, entrepreneurship, and more. Take a look and watch a replay:

Rethinking & Reinventing Your Schedule — $49

How do you plan ahead, carve out time and space, and make certain activities a priority? In this one-hour webinar, I teach the simple-yet-wildly effective scheduling tool my college swim coach taught me that changed my life. Join me and I’ll walk you through a session of scheduling, planning, and re-thinking about how you organize your time. Watch the replay here.

13 Ways to Become A Gmail Jedi Master — $49

Does email overwhelm your life, and you don’t know what to do about it? No one wants to be the best at emailing. We’ve got better things to do. Stop being overwhelmed by email. Start winning over your email inbox by learning these key insights and tricks that I’ve collected over the years to make email mastery work for you. Watch the replay here.