I help people connect to themselves, to their words, and to each other.

All of my courses are designed with love, ambition, and inspiration—to help you grow your own ability to communicate, connect, and share. All of my courses are taught online. Each course is the product of years of research, thinking, learning, practice, and testing. If you’d like to book a live workshop with your company email me or sign up for my newsletter to get updated when I’m speaking or teaching around the world.

Hey, I’m Sarah. If you’re a creative person who wants to get better at writing, communicating, or following your heart, then you’re in the right place. I have writing workshops, deep dives into your creative self, and courses on helping you figure out what you want. Scroll down the page to see what’s available right now. If this helps you make a little more of your mark on the world, then I’m glad you’re here.


The Writer’s Workshop

An eight-week course to unlock your inner creative, learn how to tell stories, and create messages that inspire other people to act.

Four modules unlock your ability to tap into imagination, visualization, storytelling, and persuasion. Eight lessons to put the skills into practice and learn how to implement the new skills. 

The course includes a breakdown of classic essay structures and templates for how to get started on blog posts, and bonus essays to get you organized and clear—so you can write. Because everyone can learn to write, and everyone can improve what they’ve got. Start the course anytime—start writing today!

Self-paced course—enroll for $497

Content Strategy for Thought Leaders

Building a thought leadership platform is difficult: What should you say, and where should you say it? Do you need to start a full-time blog? How do you position yourself as an expert?

This course is for thought leaders with a website, company, or blog–but need help filling in the content.

Learn how to design your own content, be strategic and selective about what you write–and why you don’t need to publish a weekly blog. Includes six blogging templates, a content strategy mapping tool, and exercises to take you from not-blogging to a full framework (with essay outlines!).

Self-paced course—enroll for $497

Writing Talk: A Podcast

Join me as I go deep with published authors, writers, and creatives. I talk to them all about their process, writing habits, and what it takes to get the writing done.

Featuring interviews with New York Times bestselling author and ghostwriter MeiMei Fox, creative catalyst and solopreneur Paul Jarvis, ruckus maker and world traveler Chris Guillebeau, systems ninja Jenny Blake, and the author of one of the most-ever highlighted books, Julien Smith, on his process and drafting while creating the bestselling book The Flinch.

Includes twelve interviews with famous writers all about what it takes to make the work.

Listen to the interviews—$97

The Writing Bundle — $797

Want all three of my writing courses? Snag them in this bundle.

The Writer’s Workshop ($497)
Content Strategy ($497)
Writing Talk: A Podcast ($97)

Get everything in one bundle for $797 — purchase here.



Your Year In Review

Every year, I do an annual review and I am stunned by how much clarity and gold it gives me. Taking a little time to reflect on what’s happened, and plan where I’m going? It’s priceless. Join me for this 90 minute workshop to make sense of the year you just had, clear your mind of extra clutter, and find freedom and space in your calendar for next year.

I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how I do it. The process of reflection and review is instrumental—through a single hour of reflection, you can gain clarity, insight, and wisdom to dramatically shift the year ahead.

Join the workshop — pay what you can. Recommended price: $197.

Get What You Want 

Most people don’t know what they want. I can help you with that. This course is perhaps better than a 1:1 coaching session with me (that’s how proud of it I am). Reviewers have been sending high praise—take a look at the testimonials. 

In this course, I’ll walk you through how to get clear on what you want, and the psychology and strategies behind getting what you want. Yes, I teach about manifestation, priming, and the psychology behind why getting super clear on your goals and dreams is really effective for making progress. 

Get all the details here.


The Wise Women’s Council

A nine month community mastermind for working women navigating pregnancy, parenting, and business. We gather virtually twice a month from March through November, learn from nine amazing guest teachers, and read books together. With a private Slack room to connect with other women, and options to participate in group or 1:1 coaching throughout the year.

Read all about the program here.

B-School Challenge Group

Each year I gather a group of driven and talented business owners together to take their work—and growth—to the next level. The only way to join is through my B-School bonus, offered in February each year. When you sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-School through my link, you’ll also join our ten-month accountability group to grow alongside other business owners.

Watch here for when B-School opens in February.


The 2020 Accountability Group

The 2020 Accountability group is a monthly meet-up for people who want to get stuff done, and want to track and share their progress with others. It’s ten months (February through November), and you’ll join a dedicated group of people working hard on a goal or a dream throughout the year. 10 monthly calls + small groups + love notes from me.

All the details for what it is and how to join are here.