The 2020 Accountability Group

It’s time to make progress on your dreams.

You want to get something done this year — you’ve been thinking about kicking off a new project, writing a big essay (or a series of essays), starting a blog, or testing out a new client offering.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a new exercise program, or doing a couch-to-5k program. Or you just want to eat better. Or you want to finally make time for a creative habit that you love doing, but haven’t done in forever.

But you also don’t want to get three months into the year and feel like you’re behind, you’ve lost track, or you’re starting to falter after you just made so much headway.

If you want a place to get un-stuck when you find yourself stuck, if you need to be around people who are taking action, and you need a crew to keep you accountable, then you’re in the right place.

Come join my 2020 Accountability Group.

I want to work with a dedicated group of people that want to get shit done—you just need a little social accountability to get there.

This isn’t quite a mastermind (but it’s close).

The 2020 Accountability group is a monthly meet-up for people who want to get stuff done, and want to track and share their progress with others.

But also—it’s not a lot of overhead. Like most people, you’re probably busy to the max, and you don’t want a lot of live calls or additional things to add to your calendar. I get that time is already tight, and you need time to actually make progress on the THING you’re working on—less time TALKING about doing the thing, and more time actually DOING the thing.


I hear ya. Loud and clear.

What is it + how does it work?

The 2020 Accountability group is a monthly meet-up for people who want to get stuff done.

Track progress on your goal in our group tracking spreadsheet—see how everyone else is doing. Join a small group to keep each other going. Cheer people on as you make progress. Meet monthly as one big group on a live call to get unstuck, make breakthroughs, and share successes. 




Get my philosophy on making steady and consistent progress on your goals, and why it’s important to skip January and December and focus on the ten months in between, instead. With real, science-backed tips on habit formation and how to make actual change and progress. You’re not wrong if you’re frustrated and failing—the systems we use are broken. I’ll teach you how I set up my process for real, consistent progress by using smaller goals and more specific action items.

10 videos, recorded so you can watch them again and again, anytime.



Join a group of people committed to making progress on a big goal this year. These are people (like you!) who are committed to taking action in 2020, to breaking through the blockers holding you back, and being open to the experimentation that is required to try, test, tweak, and continue.

You’ll see everyone’s progress in our shared progress tracking spreadsheet + see people in the monthly breakthrough calls.



Habits and goals are better accomplished when you have accountability and peer-to-peer support. You’ll get a chance to join a self-organizing group of four (I have a spreadsheet with time options and we will do all the organization to put you into groups—your job is to show up for your group once you commit to signing up.) If you join a group, you’ll meet once a month to check in on your plans, progress, and work through blockers.

We’ll organize you into small groups, set up time zones, and create a Zoom Room for you to connect monthly. (We even have an agenda you can follow.) You show up ready to share your work.



You’ll learn my favorite tools for when you have ‘falter months’ or what I like to call REAL LIFE moments—because that thing that happens in month three happens to everyone. Life. Happens. Rather than fight it, we can breathe into it, be kind to ourselves, and find a way to keep going. I’ll show you how to design for kindness, forgiveness, and steady consistency — not some mythical idea of perfection. It’s more important to get back up and keep going even after a week (or six weeks!) away, but we think we’re “SO BAD” that we don’t give ourselves the grace to keep going. Fight the resistance by being in a group that will forgive you when you fail and welcome you back in at any point throughout the year.

Progress over perfection. You’re human. 



Each month, I’ll send you a short and sweet audio note as a reminder to keep going on your goal — we’ll dig into the soul of what you want and why you’re doing the work, tap into what’s behind fear and resistance, and remind ourselves to keep going when the work gets boring or sluggish (which it will), because every project has the same inevitable arcs and pitfalls. I’ll help you navigate them, encourage you through them, and share stories of my own massive failures to help you keep perspective (and keep going).

Audio notes to listen to anywhere, anytime. 



Join me for live hot seat sessions on the first Friday of every month—we’ll dig into places where you’ve gotten stuck and unpack any blockers, puzzles, or problems you’re facing heading into your work. We’ll also celebrate your wins and give shout-outs to everyone who has made progress on their goals in the last month! Calls will be recorded for the whole group, and yes, hearing someone else have a major AHA breakthrough can be life-altering for you, too.

10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern on the first Friday of every month, February—November.

Goal-Setting Alone Doesn’t Work

If goal setting worked, we’d all be millionaires, authors, and world-travelers by now.

Goal setting is important and necessary, but most people don’t take the right next steps needed to turn those dreams into reality.

You need to get clear on what you want, break it down into actionable, measurable steps, and make it realistic within the time frame you have.

Big, sweeping ideas seem sexy. New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly popular, and yet they don’t work.

I’ll show you my process for getting things done, and how to create a framework that actually works — setting shorter, simpler goals and tracking progress month over month.

And the most important part?

Accountability. Other people. A little skin in the game. People to turn to when you get stuck or you have a really gnarly month.

You need to be around people who are also working steadily on their own goals. 

Going solo on your dreams is overrated.

The myth of the lone creative, hunkering down by him or herself, is overrated.

Yes, you need to do the work. You alone need to write your words, overcome resistance, and fight the good fight in making progress on your dreams.


You also need other people to talk to about how the resistance is hard, and how the days get away from you, and how you persevered even when it was a shitty day. How you wrote 500 words that were crappy and gut-wrenching and terrible, but then the next day, you had a magical writing session.

It’s other people that help us through this madness.

If you want a place to connect with other people, I want to set this up for you. I’m creating the overall structure—the philosophy, container, and encouraging notes about what it means to make work and be human. I’ll also be here for you to listen and make breakthroughs each month on our group calls.

You, brave soul, get to sign up and join a small group of people to journey with this year. You’ll meet in your own group once per month, at your assigned day and time, and share your progress.

You commit to it, and it works. I promise you, other people are part of the recipe for success.



Start the year strong — with these 2020 bonuses

Year In Review

A guided workshop to reflect on the last year + plan powerfully for the year ahead.

BONUS #1: Year In Review

One of the best ways to start strong in the new year is by reflecting on where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Even if last year felt like a shit show, take a look at what it was (and wasn’t!) and start the year fresh. Optional—only if you WANT to start this way.
$297 value.

Get What You Want

The psychology, strategy, and tools for discovering and going after what you want.

BONUS #2: Get What You Want

If you don’t know what you want yet this year, work your way through my flagship course teaching people how to identify, ask for, and get what they want out of their lives. This course is better than a 1:1 coaching session with me—it’s that good. Included when you join the accountability group this year.  
$497 value.

Join Us

Hey, I’m Sarah Peck — you probably know me already, but if we haven’t formally met yet, I’m the organizer, writer, and brain behind this website.


10 AUDIO NOTES — On habits, behavior-change, dreams, goal-setting, perseverance, learning and growth, and being human.

MY JOURNAL TEMPLATES — A monthly planning worksheet + the “here we are now” reflection worksheet.

MONTHLY Q/A CALLS — All-group calls with Sarah, first Friday every month.

SMALL GROUPS OF 4 — to work with for the year and keep track of your goals.

ONE MASTER SPREADSHEET — to see how everyone is doing on their goals + to keep up with each other.

BONUS — Year In Review course. $297 value.

BONUS— Get What You Want course. $497 value.

No one is as fancy as the internet makes them appear. We’re all just doing our best in this human journey together—if you’re open to being real while trying to work hard, then this is the right place for you.

Most people overestimate what they can do in a day or a week, but underestimate what can be done in a year — or ten years.


Join us in

The 2020 Accountability Group 


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The 2020 Accountability Group