I write a popular newsletter with wisdom and research about personal development, habit change, leadership, work, and growth. In my writing I look for unique and under-represented intersections.

Some examples:

  • What do startups and pregnancies have to teach each other?
  • How can we encourage physicality and exercise as an innovative tool in the workforce?
  • How can we (re)embrace movement and embodiment as a way of being?
  • What does true leadership look like?
  • Can we reinvent what it means to run businesses well?
  • What does spirituality have to do with business?

If you’re curious and seeking the spark of new and interesting ideas, as well as groundedness within the flurry of modern life, you might enjoy my newsletter.

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About my readers:

I am grateful to have a diverse, interesting, and wise group of readers who enjoy my newsletters. This blog started as a column about making the transition to the professional world, figuring stuff out, and finding out what’s important for you and your career. It has evolved into a blog on business, generating ideas, entrepreneurship, management, design, and teaching writing workshops. Other times, it’s just an exploration into life, living and being.

Members of this community include CEOs, entrepreneurs, Y-combinator startup founders, Google Software engineers, elite athletes, PhD scientists, authors, and so many more. I am grateful to be in conversation with each and every one of you.

What people are saying:

“Sarah emerged in the blogosphere early in 2011 and is shaping up to be one of the most unique and inspiring voices online.” — ProBlogger

“Her content is always thought-provoking and will force you to confront the challenge of executing your best ideas. She studies where great ideas come from and help individuals and businesses do great work. Every blogger has a tipping point and her post on 28 in 52 Notes made Sarah a blogger to keep an eye on 2012.”

Problogger, The 20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012.

“If you want to do some soul-searching, ask yourself the 10 questions on this career cheat sheet. Drawn up by communications specialist Sarah Kathleen Peck, the flowchart asks things like if the job makes you feel challenged and whether the people in the organization are open to new ideas and receptive to each other. In other words, basic, fundamental questions that force you to really reflect about the job.”

LifeHacker, “The One-Page Career ‘Cheat Sheet'” March 2012.

“Sarah is one of the warmest and kindest people I know. I may have only met her briefly in person, on a wonderful summer’s day in London, but the relationship we have built online and through social media is a genuine and supportive one. Sarah has great ideas and never fails to inspire me with her blogs and thoughts. She has a unique gift in writing and combines her passions marvelously and authentically to work which she gives her all to and excels without the shadow of a doubt. If you have the chance to work with her, she will be a change-maker and a reliable and incredibly valuable asset to your team or life.”

— Jana Schuberth, Owner, Love Work Now

“How do you form the words to talk about someone who has fundamentally altered the course of your life?” — Lisa Endersby

“Sarah and I first connected through her writing and eventually began communicating on Twitter and over the phone. Over one of the shortest but most intense months of my life, Sarah guided me along the journey of writing and recognizing my personal narrative. She was funny but firm, smart yet humble and treated me as if I was the most important thing in her world. Her ability to connect combined with her amazing skills in writing and story telling are a powerful combination that led, in my case, to a professional and personal breakthrough that I had been searching for. I would highly recommend Sarah to be a part of your universe — she is what this world needs more of.”

— Lisa Endersby, Manager, Student & Campus Life
at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology

“Your thoughtful posts and our chat for last December have really helped me with starting this project that means so much to me. As a technological newbie without business experience and writing in a second language, I was postponing the launch of the website until everything was “just right.” Until I read your motto ‘Done is better than perfect.’ So thank you for providing a lot of inspiration and wisdom!”

— Jennifer Mulder, Psychologist, The Health Sessions.

“Sarah’s writing workshop was challenging in the best possible way. Developing a writing practice and learning about narrative structure/storytelling through writing ourselves was hard, but worth it in the end. Sharing our work amongst the class and interacting about our thoughts and feelings as we went through the course was another part of what made it challenging and great to be a part of.”

— Ian Street, PhD, Plant Science

“Sarah is hard-working, very professional, and has excellent communication skills. Her designs are clean and consistent, and she is also adept at project management. Above all, it’s a pleasure working with her because of her positive attitude and high level of enthusiasm for each project. I highly recommend collaborating with her – you’ll get a ton of work done AND have fun doing it!”

— Trucy Phan, Web Developer and Designer, Blink Tag Inc

“Sarah came highly recommended to me by one of my entrepreneurial friends, and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed!  Sarah was very organized in her consulting approach, which in turn helped me to feel very comfortable with the entire process.  Sarah is a problem solver who is passionate about helping people reach their true potential.  I would HIGHLY recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to add real polish to a project.”

— Abbie Davies, Owner and Founder, My First Yoga

“The process of doing weekly reviews with you over the phone was an incredibly valuable exercise so today I decided to take that concept and do a three-month review. As I look back on everything that has happened I’m blown away. Had I not worked with you, I wouldn’t have stopped to take inventory of all that has happened. Instead, I would have focused on all that I wasn’t accomplishing. I would have continued to beat myself up, which would only slow down any progress I could have been making.

I now understand the importance of having a vision, breaking it down into manageable steps and executing step by step. I know the importance of being compassionate and building habits that contribute to success. I also have more faith in my abilities and potential. I’m so excited for what the future will bring and excited to tackle the challenges that I’ll face along the way.

Your PDF of notes made me tear up. It’s been such an insane, awesome, chaotic, exciting roller-coaster three months. Life out here is exactly how I hoped life would be: full of opportunity, big dreams and incredible people. I’m so very grateful that you were one of the incredible people that have been a part of my dream so far. Thank you so much everything.”

— Megan, Coaching Client, Fall 2012

“Sarah is a dynamo.  Full of excitement, energy, and passion, she knows how to set a vision but also understands how to operationalize the vision to get work done!  It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with her on Grown in the City and to bounce ideas back and forth on a variety of projects we both have going on.”

— John C. Reinhardt, Editor and Founder, Grown In The City

“Last weekend, Sarah Peck and her friend Kim swam 10 miles from Prison to Prison (P2P) as the first two women to cross the San Francisco Bay from San Quentin state prison to Alcatraz. The distance is six times longer than the Escape from Alcatraz swim, which I always thought of as hardcore until I heard what Sarah and Kim did. Hell yeah!”

— Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity

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