I write about workplace best practices, building better teams, and how to deal with the growing culture of always-on, nonstop work expectations. There are massive changes that are happening in knowledge workplace that affect us across industries, because they influence our behavior, psychology, and innovation: we are dealing with crises of burnout, addiction, and loneliness. I advocate for the importance of empathy, connection, kindness, and behavior change in addressing these problems—for both companies as well as individuals. 


What You Can Do

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday. A Supreme Court Justice, an advocate for women, for equality, for justice. The best kind. Here’s my two cents: Let the anger burn pure and clean. Let the tears flow out. Let it burn clean and hot in you, but do not let the anger take you down. Do not let the emotions bury you. Find a clarity and focus inside of this.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you were an extraordinary example of the kind of person I aspire to be. Your tireless fight for justice, equality, and rights for everyone is an incredible legacy. Thank you for everything you’ve done. What a privilege to be in this world...


Workplaces Aren’t Paying Attention To The Growing Caretaking Crisis, And It’s Costing Them Talent

The caretaking crisis that’s coming in America is not just about women and children: it’s also about millennials, men, executive leaders, and seniors.


I Ran 4 Experiments to Break My Social Media Addiction. Here’s What Worked.

Over the last two years, I conducted four different experiments to monitor my own behavior, implementing trackers and blockers in order to better understand how social media usage affected my productivity. 


6 Ways To Get Better At Saying No (With Email Scripts You Can Steal)

When we defend our own time, we remind others of our boundaries and we are remind ourselves that we are worthy of it.


Core Strategies to Help You Make Decisions Faster

Change requires action, but what if you’re stuck and don’t know how to move forward? Use these four questions to help you quickly get moving again


Increase Your Resilience And Avoid Burnout: The Toolkit Strategy

Burnout can affect anyone, and is increasingly found across everyone from employees to leaders. Here’s how to build a “Resiliency Toolkit” to support you in the short-term and long term.


12 Questions To Ask Your Future Employer

Ever start a new job and realize it wasn’t everything you were promised? Avoid the post-hire let down by asking the right questions during the interview.


Answering the Dreaded “So, What Do You Do?” Question

Have trouble talking about yourself? You need a better narrative and it starts with visualization — yes, really.



Big life questions: What makes a life worth living? What will you do with your one “wild and precious life”? How will you design the arc of your time here on the planet? Let’s ask big questions.

Business + entrepreneurship: Oh, the glamour of startup life. What makes businesses work, and entrepreneurs thrive? What are some of the less-known stories about making it as a business owner?

Conscious community: How do you craft a conscious community that you want to be a part of? How do you connect with great people, join a mastermind, or build a brain trust to elevate your work? Join me in studying how to connect deeply with others, build trust, make friends (as adults!) and find peers who resonate deeply with you. 

Crafting your career: In the new world of work, you have to take responsibility for designing the arc of your own body of work. What will your career look like? What projects will you be a part of? In crafting your career, what’s most important to you about what you do?

Decision making: Making decisions is hard. Not making them is even harder. When you learn to make decisions quickly, effectively, and with uncertain information, you stay fast. The secret to getting ahead is getting started, the secret to getting started lies in decision making.

Health + wellness: In my time as a college swimmer, yoga teacher, and longtime athlete, I look at both physical and mental health as critical to our overall well being. These stories come from athleticism, sport, triumph, food, energy, and spirituality perspectives.

How people work: Why do we do the things we do? This series of essays looks at human behavior, habits, psychology, and the weird ways that people act, behave, and think.

Less is more: Living minimally and simply. When we consciously choose to live with less, designing our lives around simplicity, minimalism, and intention, we learn, paradoxically, that less is more.

Mindfulness: Living a life of mindfulness involves a gentle inquiry into gratitude, simplicity, meditation, awareness, and using your curiosity and wonder to guide you.

Motherhood: The journey through pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, and becoming a parent: what it’s like to start a family and raise kids.

Podcasting: Why I started a podcast, the best interview questions, how to start your own podcast, and more.

Reading list: Find great books to add to your reading list. With book notes, round-up lists of great seasonal books, and hundreds of hours of research, I’ll bring you dozens of good books to read, updated regularly. Want to get smarter, faster? Read my book notes and skim my recommendations for what to read (and what to skip).

Writing practice: Want to develop a great writing practice? Get the latest research and tips on writing, developing a writing practice, and building your writing habit. Study famous writers so you can improve. Learn new writing tips, frameworks, and strategies for creating great narratives, stories, and articles.