Now: 2020

It’s November of 2020, so I’ll keep this simple:

My partner and I are both entrepreneurs. We run our own businesses, from home, now with two children. It’s an adventure.

It’s also a pandemic, and these children—they are currently two and four. (We live in the United States, which has botched the coronavirus response so badly that we’re in waves of stay-at-home orders and still have an exploding virus.)

Right now I am all hands on deck while trying to run Startup Parent, the Startup Parent Podcast, the Wise Women’s Council, and my ongoing accountability group and community, Focus.

I write a weekly newsletter, which I’m down-shifting to bi-weekly while I figure out the coming winter which is bound to have children cooped up at home, bouncing off the walls—and not enough in-person human interaction.

I miss people, conferences, music, theater, retreats, and big bear hugs.

To the future.

But for now, we winter.

(This is a now page, and I got the idea from Derek Sivers.)