Monthly Writing Prompt

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Each month, I’ll put forward a topic for consideration with a call to write.

The prompts:

December 2016: Blog Sabbatical

  • January 2017: Discernment 
  • February 2017: Perspective
  • March 2017: Health
  • April 2017: Systems 

What’s in a monthly writing prompt?

  1. Read the essay for each month’s theme.
  2. Take the theme, explore it, and anytime during the month, write a poem, essay, or reflection of your choosing. You can take photos, post on Instagram, share on Twitter, or publish an essay.
  3. Leave a link to your work in the comments on the monthly post!
  4. Share your work using the hashtag #MoWriting (it’s a mashup short for “More Writing” and “Monthly Writing.”)

Why do this?

Writing is reflective, it is restorative, and it is enlightening. I gain immense clarity by writing about the world around me and focusing my attention through words.

In addition, I want to read more of your work. By creating a community prompt, I can connect with more of your work, find your blogs, and hear what you think about topics that I’m also thinking about.