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In the new world of work, you have to take responsibility for designing the arc of your own body of work. What will your career look like? What projects will you be a part of? In crafting your career, what’s most important to you about what you do?

Do You Have Your Own Personal Board of Advisors?

I didn’t realize I needed a personal board of advisors until things got pretty rough. I was stuck, trying to do everything myself, learn faster and stay up later. Here’s how I changed, and why I started my Mastermind.Read the article

The 20 Mile March

What does it take to be great? In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins and his team of researchers study how some companies rise to greatness and uncover a key strategy: the 20 Mile March. They asked the question, “Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not?” They analyzed companies thatRead the article

Mediocrity is Deadening. Be Different, Be Daring, Be Unusual.

When the world asks you for typical, do one better. When you’re surrounded by people who do only as much as they have to, you’ll feel pulled to do the same. Mediocrity is a pull towards the middle. Averages pull brightness down. Standards might bring the lowest up to passing, but they’ll also be a strongRead the article

Have You Changed Your Narrative Lately?

As I wander through cities, one of the things I look for is evidence of fresh construction. Cities are living, breathing, pulsating organisms, and a great indicator of change is the number of cranes you can see dotting the skyline. In San Francisco, new construction emerges when the lack of residential units becomes absurd; inRead the article

Why Are Stories so Important?

The world is overcrowded with information. We’re wired to tell stories because it’s how we make sense of the world around us. Stories let us distill large, complex ideas and important messages into sticky, memorable pieces that we can carry forward with us in our minds. In the absence of a person or a phenomenon,Read the article

Creating Your Own Weekly Review

Living up to your potential sounds pretty fancy. It’s something we all want, right? Live up to your potential. Maximize your potential. Be all that you can be.  But how, exactly, do you do it? How does an intangible life objective become manifest into your daily routine? For Robert Cooper, author of The Other 90%: HowRead the article

Making Money as a Creative Entrepreneur: How I Make Money, Where I Spend My Time, and What I’ve Learned From Launching My Own Ventures

When I was four weeks old, my mother and father took our then-family-of-four from Germany to Idaho Falls, little baby and tiny toddler in tow. We were standing around in the living room, as my mother recalls (to be be fair, I can’t recall and I certainly wasn’t standing—more likely drooling), talking about the insaneRead the article

One Big Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Business + Life

“Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them. If you’re bad at writing and don’t like to do it, you’ll miss out on most of the ideas writing would have generated.” -Paul Graham Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine, wrote that “the new economy is about communication, deep and wide… Communication is the foundation of society, ofRead the article

Your Job is to Create

Your job is to create something in this world. With your human hands, your brain, your vision, your dreams, your desires. Make something. Make something with your mind, with your hands, with your heart. Put ingredients together and craft a batch of bread. Fold paper origami cranes. Make ideas come to life through words andRead the article

The Hidden Power of Interviews (and How to Get Better at Them)

I used to hate interviews. I stammered, I inserted words such as “like” and “um” a whole bunch, and my voice pitched up at the end of nearly every sentence. I sounded exactly like what I was—a young 20-something female with insecurity about my ideas. Then I started listening to the interviews and analyzing them.Read the article