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The Word You Keep Using

In my writing, I’ll inevitably look back and realize that I’ve used the same word three, seven, ten times.

In a recent series of text messages to a friend, I used the word “stray” in several different ways, never once talking about a stray puppy. Instead, I was straying from the point, talking about places I did and didn’t want to wander into, thinking about the implications of what it meant to journey from a predetermined path into unknown territory.

In a draft essay I wrote about early motherhood, I stumbled across the word “startled,” at least once in each paragraph. I thought I’d been writing about breastfeeding and milk and production and supply. Apparently my subconscious was leaking: it was telling me what a startling experience stumbling into new motherhood truly was.

Our essays have leaks from our subconscious. If you re-read your journal pages, or your notes, or even your business report, count up the words you use with frequency. They may be telling you something important.

Keeping Secrets With Yourself

For the last several months—actually, the past year—I’ve been running experiments on myself and my process. One month I gave up social media. The next month I played with internet blockers. For three months I’ve been doing mornings pages, with few exceptions. But the thing I keep struggling to figure out is how to get more writing done. More writing in. The business trap is real. I’m not sure what else to call it, other than the pull of the machine: emails to answer, blog posts to write. It’s easy to get sucked into the frenzy of doing things for doing’s sake, and the tangible output of writing a draft, or even just plucking away at the next stage of researching, always seems to be time whittled away. This week, however, I stumbled on something that turned my mind upside down.Read the article

Start Here: A New Map to Guide You Through My Website

One puzzle of being a regular blogger is considering what the collection of essays adds up to over time. I’ve written before about why I write, my writing habits and how important it is to me to show up to the process. Recently I made a new map to exploring all of these essays and I’m excited to show it to you.Read the article

A 4-Step Guided Framework for Journaling and Gaining Clarity

Not that long ago, as an eight-month pregnant lady living on stitched-together patches of sleep, finding time to journal was becoming a challenge amongst my pending worries about new motherhood. I decided to try the Clarity Cards as a journaling exercise and loved the results. Here’s the four-step process I used to chart out thoughtful ideas, insights, and clear perspectives on being pregnant.Read the article

The Writer’s Workshop Live & Small-Group Writing Circle

This Fall, for the first time in three years, I’m teaching a live (via the Internet) gathering of The Writer’s Workshop. We’ll come together for eight weeks to practice writing, form writing groups, and gather for live calls in order to get better at storytelling, narrative, and persuasion. Sign up early, space is limited.Read the article

A Look Inside My Writing Habits

Are you optimizing your writing habits? We have a limited amount of attention, bandwidth, and energy. There are only so many “hacks” we can take before it’s going to become ever more important to cull the flow of information and set up systems that let us optimize for our strengths and internal design. My writing andRead the article

Today! Get The Writer’s Workshop as Part of The Writer’s Bundle for $99

If you’re a writer, or your goals include getting paid to write, publishing a book, or developing your blogging, listen up. This week I’m part of a BIG thing you’ll want to know about and it’s called The Writer’s Bundle. Every year, The Write Life puts together an amazing package of resources for writers. ThisRead the article

How to Link Your WordPress Website To Also Publish on Medium

You can publish once through WordPress and automatically create a post in Medium. Genius. Earlier I blasted everyone on my RSS feed with a crazy post of a lot of type headers. The email, “Medium cross-posting test from WordPress!” was meant to be a test post of publishing to both platforms. It worked… way too well.Read the article

February Monthly Writing Theme: Perspective

Each month I share a monthly writing prompt for you to reflect on, write about, and discuss. I’ll be writing a lot on this theme, and I invite you to join me in writing by linking your blog in the comments below or following the hashtag #mowriting on Twitter or Instagram. Perspective: What is it? HowRead the article

January Writing Theme: Discernment

Each month I share a monthly writing prompt for you to reflect on, write about, and discuss. I’ll be writing a lot on this theme, and I invite you to join me in writing by linking your blog in the comments below or following the hashtag #mowriting on Twitter or Instagram. Discernment: What is it?Read the article