Permission To Feel Your Feelings

This time we’re living in right now is exhausting, and I’m baffled by all of the extra zeal towards getting more done, and being extra productive, and “making the most” of our quarantine time. I don’t think this is the time to make the most of it. Sure, if you have the energy and the drive to make things, do it. If you’re struggling and scrambling to put things together and pay bills and keep your jobs, I completely understand. But that’s not what I’m hearing from people. People feel vulnerable, they’re struggling to focus, they’re zombied out on their phones, they’re completely overwhelmed by childcare and jobs.

Summer Hiatus

Every summer, we take a break as a family—both from work and from business. I also do a social media sabbatical for at least two weeks (sometimes more) based on a series of experiments I conducted and wrote about for Harvard Business Review.

Slow Down, Don’t Stop, Keep Going

Don’t quit, not yet. This is my current mantra—to myself. I thought you might want to hear it as well. I feel behind on nearly everything these days. My life blurred out of focus with the arrival of our second son, and only in May or June of this year, once he...