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Why do we do the things we do? This series of essays looks at human behavior, habits, psychology, and the weird ways that people act, behave, and think.

In Search of Mental Focus and Clarity

Those of you that have followed my posts recently know I’m experimenting with my relationships to social media, email, and the internet. I love tech AND I also want to stay smart about my habits, impulsivity, and addictions. Because make no mistake: tech is an addiction, for sure. How do we achieve mental focus in the increasing onslaught of information? Get this: the average person checks email 74 times per day and spends 28% of their time on email. If we’re not questioning this, we should be concerned.Read the article

I Quit Social Media For 30 Days and Here’s What I Learned

Last month, I quit social media for 30 days. I deleted Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from my phone and computer and signed out for the month. Here’s what happened and what I learned. Would love to know what you’ve tried and what’s worked for you.Read the article

No Excuses: How to Stop Bullshitting Yourself and up your Mental Game

I broke my foot two weeks before the national meet and didn’t know whether or not I’d be able to swim. My coach taught me wisdom that killed any excuses.Read the article

8 Essays on Routine, Pattern, and Habit Change

October was focused on the idea of Routine: what is it, how does it show up (or not show up) in your life, and when is it useful? From re-thinking what you spend your time thinking about, to parsing out time differently, to changing up your behaviors in an experimental fashion, it was a good monthRead the article

Default to Finish

Pssst! Quick note: I’ll be teaching a live-stream class on November 9th all about how to plan your week and set up your schedule. Go register in advance for the seminar here. Do you finish what you start? Let’s be honest: we’re pretty terrible, as humans, at estimating time. How long something will take, how much workRead the article

Change It Up

If you’re not getting the results you want, try something new. If the way you’re currently working isn’t getting the results you want, you either need to stay the course a little bit longer (see: The Dip, or “Follow One Course Until Successful”), or you need to try a new way of working. If theRead the article

Don’t Use The Full Hour

Most of our default settings look to the top of the clock to start anything. Meetings go for an hour. We block off time for our commitments in hour-long chunks. Even exercise gets its own hour, even if we actually only do 10 minutes of it. If you think of time in hour-long chunks, youRead the article

The Importance of Having A Routine

Every night, after a day’s worth of pumping milk for my baby, my husband takes the pump from my hands and washes it out in the sink with the special brush. He shakes it dry, clean, ready for the next day. He says it’s one of the ways he can help with this job thatRead the article

“Stay Tuned”

There are lots of marketing phrases and cultural habits that we have from the 20th century that no longer make sense in the 21st century. But, because of the ever-turning force of habit, we keep them around. One of my least favorite sign-offs and marketing phrases is “Stay tuned.” “Stay tuned” used to be a wayRead the article

Missing A Day

I woke up with a start at 11:30pm on Saturday night. I didn’t post anything today! I had forgotten to post: so many things swept up to take hold of the day. New York got a blizzard with 22 inches of snow. Alex and I hiked through it to take a 16-hour weekend class on birthing,Read the article