2020 Annual Review

2020 Annual Review

I’m going to give myself 40 minutes to write as quickly as possible without editing, because if I don’t write something, I’m afraid I won’t write anything for another year. How do you look back on a year like 2020 without the fear of cracking open a can of tears that will never end? I’m wrecked by the year, but somehow still standing. At the very same time, I found so much steadiness and peace, too. I made big decisions that truly changed my life—and maybe who I am. Here’s the 2020 annual review.

My 2017 Annual Report

Every year I do an annual review, and the process teaches me so much. It’s invaluable. Central to my work in studying who we are and why we do what we do is a steady aim of building life-worthy habits. I’m fascinated by my daily, monthly, and yearly habits, and how to continually improve my own performance. I’ve decided to go ahead and (gulp) share it, in entirety. I’m a bit nervous to do so, because when I started writing it, it was just for me. The insights are personal and raw, and it recaps a year that professionally, felt often like a struggle and a challenge. No triumph, no magic wand. There were solid successes: The mastermind program I built went well, and sustained my end of my agreements with my partner. The podcast was a surprise, and a delight. But writing? That was really hard this year. It felt like a failure.

How To Do An Annual Review: 10 Questions

Each year I do a private annual reflection where I look back at the past year, think about what I want for the year ahead, and make a list of dreams and goals. Then, I edit ruthlessly, a skill I’ve learned slowly over time, because having a list of 50 things...