2,000 Books Is Not Enough

2,000 Books Is Not Enough

Since starting my social media break last week, I’ve noticed something interesting. I’m hungry for more books. Books feel like a breath of fresh air. Like a complete conversation in a world that’s forgotten what more than a sentence feels like. The comparison between a book and Twitter is divine, and real. I’m back on track to read 50 books this year, but I want to read more. Here’s how I’ll do it.

8 Great Reads to Play Bigger, Grow Professionally, and Level Up Your Leadership Skills

When you’re stuck in a four-year rut at work, or in your startup, or on a project—how do you get out of it? How do you step back, see the big picture, and find a way to level up? Whether it’s chasing the next promotion, doubling down on your current project, or finding a way to get better at the work you’re currently doing, here are the best books I’ve read on playing bigger, taking the leap, and doubling down on your professional wisdom.

7 Moving Memoirs on Life, Death, Sex, Poverty and Parenting

Here are seven memoirs that have stuck with me long after I’ve put them down. From parenting to social pressure, to the deep history of a country, to reckoning with death, dying, and growing up poor: this collection of books takes you inside the experiences of different human lives.