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Making decisions is hard. But not making them is even harder. When you learn how to make decisions quickly, effectively, and in the face of uncertain information, you stay fast. The secret to getting ahead is getting started: the secret to getting started lies in the art of decision making.

Eliminate the Thinking

One of my goals is to find a way to minimize the amount of thinking I have to do about any particular subject. My brain is really addicted to thinking. It’s one of its favorite things to do. But there’s a certain amount of useless thinking that happens about things that don’t need as muchRead the article

Why Saying “No” Is A Kindness

I invited two dear friends to join a book club with me. I think their reactions were remarkable. The first said, “No thanks,” directly. “Business books are so oversaturated in my life right now. I’m only reading fiction,” he said. “I can’t read another business book right now.” Done. Clear. Easy. Being direct is aRead the article

The Power of Saying Things Out Loud

The power of saying what you want out loud continues to astound me. It was January 1, this year. I was setting goals. I outlined what I wanted to do this quarter — take singing lessons, finish the first draft of my book, a few more things. Being in New York has been challenging atRead the article

Why quitting is perfectly okay.

It’s always the same story for me: I start a project, a class, an idea, or a story. I eagerly rush in, align my pencils, lay out my notebooks, and make delirious plans in my calendar. That first day, ideas and dreams pour out of me. Then four days pass. I waver, tired. My calendarRead the article

How to Practice Saying No

I walked into the restaurant and something didn’t feel right. The prices were too high, the waiter a little stuffy and dismissive, the air a little cold. I can’t tell you exactly what it was, but I do know that my body was decidedly uncomfortable. While none of the particulars was enough to make a fuss—shouldRead the article

Why I Say No to Meeting People for Coffee

If you struggle with balancing your time and wondering when and how to meet people for lunch or coffee, read on. Sometimes (and a lot of the time, actually) I have to say no–and here’s part of the reason why. Ever say yes to something and wish you hadn’t? Or get stuck in a situationRead the article

Everyone starts somewhere.

Even the master yogi took a first class. To become anything, you have to begin. Start somewhere, take a tiny step. Something is better than nothing. Everyone starts somewhere.

Are You Too In Love With A Dream to Make It Real?

Where does your mind go when you daydream? That big dream, that thing in your mind–the really big one. Yes, that one. What’s your big, scary, hairy, crazy, totally unrealistic dream? The one you wish for fervently and find yourself thinking about on and off while wandering? Have you thought about making it real? Making itRead the article

Case Study: Making Restaurant Decisions Easier

I was sitting at a restaurant not too long ago, reading through another incredibly long list of options, both overwhelmed and exasperated by the choices in front of me. I just want something good to eat! I thought. I don’t want to read everything and choose. My analytically-focused brain, however, often prompts me to read every single option before makingRead the article

Are You Over Thinking?

Sometimes the answer is just doing it. Not thinking about doing it. Not writing about doing it. Not talking about doing it. And not waiting on it, or giving it more time. Anticipation can be deadly. Read the article