It’s Never Going To Be The Right Time

So yesterday was a DAY. You might know these days. I hadn’t showered in a couple of days, and, well, I’ll just say that I definitely needed a shower. I’d woken up at 4:55am to finish editing a podcast that was overdue, and at 6:16am the boys woke up. I grabbed coffee, shuffled them to breakfast and toys, and then… A strange gurgling sound started emanating from the bathroom. Ew, um—what? Our bathtub started filling up like a spooky gross horror movie. Not with clean water, either. Dark, dank, muddy water. Well, this wouldn’t bode well.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up After One Launch

Launches aren’t easy. Sometimes when you launch, it’s the first time people are paying attention to you. They’re watching and learning and listening and waiting. Putting into the calendar for next time to join when you do it again. Listening, reading, learning. Finding out about you for the first time. Deciding and debating, hesitating. One data point—your first launch—is not enough data to make a decision. It’s only the start of an exploration. Your next steps? Here’s what I recommend.

Working Parents: Transforming What Work Looks Like

One of my favorite things to study and observe is how work is changing. Two decades ago, we didn’t have any of the social networks we have today. Three decades ago, email and the internet weren’t regular tools. So much about work is changing: what it looks like, what our expectations of it are, what our requirements are, how we engage with each other, where we work from. Some of the progress is great, while other areas still leave a lot left to be improved.

For Forbes’ last week, I got to write about eight entrepreneurial parents that are changing the way work looks, whether it’s through their company, or by how they’re showing up in the work world. I’m consistently inspired by entrepreneurs, and by parents. Here’s the article if you’d like to read about these outstanding entrepreneurs, and if you’re interested in parenting and leadership, you can also follow my column.