How To Know If B-School Is Right For You

I know it can feel like the whole internet is abuzz about B-School right now, and sometimes we do things that aren’t actually a good fit for our needs right now. As always, I want to encourage you to make the best choice for you and what YOU need right now. Don’t feel pressure to do B-School if it’s not the right time or fit for you. It took me four years to sign up—only you can know when it’s the right time. Here’s what I’d think through if I were on the fence.

It’s Never Going To Be The Right Time

So yesterday was a DAY. You might know these days. I hadn’t showered in a couple of days, and, well, I’ll just say that I definitely needed a shower. I’d woken up at 4:55am to finish editing a podcast that was overdue, and at 6:16am the boys woke up. I grabbed coffee, shuffled them to breakfast and toys, and then… A strange gurgling sound started emanating from the bathroom. Ew, um—what? Our bathtub started filling up like a spooky gross horror movie. Not with clean water, either. Dark, dank, muddy water. Well, this wouldn’t bode well.

Why It Took Me So Long to Sign Up for B-School (Don’t Make My Mistakes)

It took me a really long time to sign up for B-School. At first, it made sense: I was super broke, had $100k in student loan debt, and I was trying to learn everything I could while doing it on the cheap. But after a while, I ended up making a bunch of mistakes that cost me a TON. Here are the mistakes I made, and why I would do it differently if I were to go back and do it again.