September 13th, 2017 — November 15th, 2017

This Fall, for the first time in three years, I’m teaching a live (still digital, but live via the Internet) gathering of The Writer’s Workshop. We’ll come together for eight weeks to practice writing and work through four key modules. The power of a writing group and live calls are designed to help you become better at writing, storytelling, and crafting content. And as a bonus: you’ll be assigned working groups to meet other writing friends in small, peer-to-peer writing circles.

The LIVE course also includes a writing circles, live discussion calls, and if you choose (see options below), an opportunity for 1:1 feedback on your writing and essays.

**Early decision closes August 18th, 2017.**
**Regular registration closes September 8th, 2017.**
Class begins September 13th, 2017.

Four writing modules, eight writing assignments:

We’ll work together through eight weeks of writing exercises, two assignments per module. Every week, you’ll get a lesson to read, an assignment to practice, and a bundle of extra resources to dive deeper on the topic of the week. The goal is to write one new assignment each week.

These are the four core modules:

  • Imagination: Unlock your creative potential through key exercises in visualization, imagination, and association. Learn how to get un-stuck, how to start writing, and how to tap into your inner creative. (2 lessons, 2 writing exercises.)
  • Storytelling: Learn three frameworks for great storytelling from the experts–from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to Nancy Duartes’ structures on resonance. Learn how to use each of these frameworks to create messaging that’s relatable, sticky, and moving.(2 lessons, 2 writing exercises.)
  • Craft & Content: Learn how to create story frameworks for blogging, how to write a standout introduction (and thank-you note!), and the art of asking for what you want. Get four customizable templates for everyday communication–never have to build an email from scratch again. (2 lessons, 2 writing exercises.)
  • Language: Learn how to use language to persuade, influence, and inspire others. (2 lessons, 2 writing exercises.)

After each module, we’ll meet for a live call (4 total):

After each module, we’ll come together for a live Q/A discussion call to talk about our writing progress, reflect on the assignments, share our work, and answer any questions you might have. The calls will be recorded and available for the duration of the course.

  • Live Call #1: Friday, September 29th at 1PM Eastern
  • Live Call #1: Friday, October 13th at 1PM Eastern
  • Live Call #1: Friday, October 27th at 1PM Eastern
  • Live Call #1: Friday, November 10th at 1PM Eastern

Small group writing circles:

You will be placed in a small group writing circle during the course, to meet and go deeper with fellow writers. I’ll guide you in the best practices for how to engage with your small group, when to meet, and the format to follow in your small group.

Each module, for example, you’ll read an excerpt of your piece out loud to the group.

Suggested times for the small group writing circle: Every other Friday, at 1PM (so that you block off eight continuous Fridays at 1PM for your writing group, alternating live calls with small-group sessions). Of course, you can re-schedule these with your group as needed.

The Writer’s Workshop Live! — $599

This small-group virtual/digital writing group will be capped at 30 people. Regular registration closes September 8th, 2017. Limited spaces available.

Early Decision: Register by August 18th for $100 off the program price — $499. Click here to register.

The Writer’s Workshop Live PLUS 1:1 Coaching — $999

Want to go deeper with your writing practice? Register for the Live Writer’s Workshop with personalized writing coaching—and get additional coaching and feedback on your writing. In addition to the live course, live calls, and small-group writing circle, you’ll also get:

  • Two (2) 1:1 coaching calls with Sarah to chat about your writing practice, and
  • Personalized writing feedback on two (2) of your essays during the eight-week course.
  • Only 6 spaces available.

Early Decision: Register by August 18th for $100 off the program price$899. Click here to register.