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In the new world of work, you have to take responsibility for designing the arc of your own body of work. What will your career look like? What projects will you be a part of? In crafting your career, what’s most important to you about what you do?

Why I Say No to Meeting People for Coffee

If you struggle with balancing your time and wondering when and how to meet people for lunch or coffee, read on. Sometimes (and a lot of the time, actually) I have to say no–and here’s part of the reason why. Ever say yes to something and wish you hadn’t? Or get stuck in a situationRead the article

Round 3: a world domination summit, an army-family-team, love, and other lessons.

An Army of Remarkable Souls… Every year, the army grows a little bigger. This year, Chris invited 3,000 of his closest friends to join in the growing march to take over the world. With a blog that reaches millions, two best-selling books and a conference that sells out in minutes, I wonder how soon thisRead the article

July excitement, New York, the School of Visual Arts, and WDS!

What a busy month! I’m so excited about, well, everything it seems lately. This past June I traveled to New York for two weeks with the School of Visual Arts in their Design Writing Intensive program as a two week break from my full-time job in Communications to get better at writing and storytelling; theRead the article

Less is more, imperfect is perfect, and done is done: 17 tips, tricks & habits I use for writing, creation + business-building (or any creative pursuit).

What’s better than perfect? Done is better than perfect. Part of the beauty of writing, asking, and making projects is actually doing them. The best way out of something is often through it. Getting it done is where the art is. Seth Godin says “ship.” I say “do.” It means the same thing. Make itRead the article

“Good, Fine, Busy”

When someone asks you how you are, do you answer in one of the following three ways? I’m good! I’m fine. Ohhh, Busy. Imagine eliminating those three words. What would you say instead? How would you respond? Inspired in part by a sign on my wall, and a 2003 post by Penelope Trunk called “StopRead the article

Radio Interview: Musings on Design, Environment, Behavior and Sustainability

How do you build a sustainable life, what does psychology have to do with cities, and how do you wield the power of learning how to say both yes and no strategically? Did you design your own job? How do you balance a full-time job with all the side projects you want to do? What happensRead the article

Gratitude, Holiday Cheer + Post-Thanksgiving Epic Giveaways.

Congratulations to Melissa for winning a copy of Shane Mac’s book, “Stop With The BS” and to Claire and Anne for winning spots to Molly Mahar’s Holiday Council (which starts Monday, November 26th– join me there! I’ll be on the interviews and on as many calls as possible). I’ve been hearing wonderful reviews of the book and soRead the articleRead the article

Reinvention Isn’t Easy, But It Is Necessary: 22 Thoughts from Julien Smith

It’s November, the season of gratitude–one of my favorite seasons. In the spirit of gratefulness, thanks, and learning, I’ll be giving away prizes with almost every single post all throughout November. Some of the things I have to give away include a copy of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s new book, “The Impact Equation,” copiesRead the articleRead the article

Show up.

Show up. Every day, or as often as needs to be done. Figure out the schedule. Perhaps it’s once a week. It’s not about extremes. It’s not about doing a magnanimous or extraordinary thing on one singular day, or in one moment. It’s the accumulation of micro-actions. It’s about consistency. It’s about showing up, evenRead the article

“What I Do”

Option 1: Landscape Architect, Explorer  What do I do? I never know how to answer this question. Do I start with swimming? Architecture? Writing? All of the people and things and quirks I love about San Francisco? My incessant love of traveling? I’m never sure how to answer or what people are really asking. IRead the articleRead the article