When the world asks you for typical, do one better.

When you’re surrounded by people who do only as much as they have to, you’ll feel pulled to do the same.

Mediocrity is a pull towards the middle. Averages pull brightness down.

Standards might bring the lowest up to passing, but they’ll also be a strong pull towards bringing the best down.

Fitting in and being well-liked is about being the same. It’s about not standing out, not being different, not challenging the way things are.

Bend the systems. Break the rules. Exceed expectations, and then blow their minds again. Better yet, remove expectations by doing something completely unexpected. Be willing to be a bit unusual, and disliked.

Yearn for more. Find your limits, and test them. Then learn some more. Never stop learning. Be bold, be different, be daring.

Why do the same thing that’s already been done?

Why be mediocre?