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Suffering from Burnout? How to Know When to Rest or Push

Does your life plan account for enough rest? How do you know when you should push, and when you’re in burnout and deeply in need of a break? Here’s how to determine the difference.Read the article

The Marketing Seminar

I don’t often stop to exclaim loudly how much I like something – but I need to stop and share how much I love a course that I’m currently taking. I’m in the middle of taking a 100-day marketing seminar taught by Seth Godin, one of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame inductees and oneRead the article

Sweet Discomfort

The edge of comfort begins to feel mighty uncomfortable. An extended stretch in yoga class, a twist that goes a bit further than you’re used to, a run that tacks on an extra mile that your body hasn’t done before. When you stretch into your areas of growth, you reach a place of discomfort. MyRead the article

The Pang (The Edge of Knowing)

I’ve moved a number of times in my life. Every time I go through the same dance: sorting, sifting, culling, deciding what to toss and what to keep. Schlepping many mountains of stuff across airplanes makes you intentional about what you keep, and what you don’t. Is this worth the weight of lugging it throughRead the article

A Few Glimpses of Life With A Newborn

Some thoughts on life with a newborn: He has an uncanny knack for knowing just when I’m about to even think about doing something (showering, writing, eating with two hands, heck, even just going to the bathroom) — and deciding that NOW he is hungry, NOW he needs attention, NOW he must be bounced forRead the article

Going to the Coffee Shop

In the morning, I love going to the coffee shop. Call it a force of habit, a craving, an addiction — it’s hard for me not to start my day without popping into our corner store. Recently, however, I’ve been limiting my caffeine intake (due to pregnancy and headaches) and I was stuck: do IRead the article

I Can’t Sit Still, But When I Write,—

I can’t sit still, but when I write, When I write, I lose track of time, and space. The numbers on the clock rotate and I fall out of the month, outside of the place, out the person. Sometimes I lose an entire day, lost in ten thousand words of a story, one word at aRead the article

How We See Ourselves: On Identity, Labels, and Privilege

Do you know the story about when a man is asked to look in a mirror? He’s asked what he sees. He says “myself” (usually he says his name, “I see John,” etc). A woman looks in the mirror and says, “I see a woman.” A black woman says, “I see a black woman.” How weRead the article

3 Writing Tools To Draft, Edit, and Publish Your Work

It Doesn’t Matter How You Do It I should title this post “how to write every day” or “what tools I use to write every day” because the questions I get over and over again from so many different people are variations of the same questions: “How do you start a daily writing habit?” And:Read the article

Starting A New Life

It’s been hard to get a new post up every week, for two big reasons: first, working at a startup is a big mountain of a challenge, and second — more excitedly! — I’m now just about five months pregnant, so all my free time (and body energy) is devoted to building a new person from scratch.Read the article