Taking Care Of Yourself

Taking Care Of Yourself

In a tired year, how do you persevere? Here are a few ways to restore and recharge. For my empaths, highly sensitive friends, and people who are feeling the fatigue of this year, a reminder to take care to fill up your own bucket and create boundaries to protect you as a person.

How you move through the day

There are many ways to go about a day. It’s not always as important what gets done as it is *how* I am showing up, and *who I’m being* in the process of all the doing and non-doing that I’m engaged in. In my mastermind circles, we call this “ways of being.” We work through three major phases and processes in our work together, which I describe in this post.

Silence, Stillness, and Returning From Retreat

Last week I left to go to a four-day silent retreat up in the snowy rural woods of central Massachusetts. The retreat was long days of sitting and walking meditations, mindful eating, noble silence, and being in stillness. We were instructed not to journal or read,...

Our Dying Attention is a Big Problem

Over the bulk of the last year, I’ve been focused on adding meditation, quality, and depth to my life in a meaningful way. That includes: rethinking my relationship to reading, and reading entire books, slowly. With notes. Deepening my ability to focus and pay attention. Putting parental controls on my technology to block social media. Today, I share a round-up of essays that have helped me. Here are 17 essays on attention, anxiety, being over-busy, and why our lack of recharge time is more problematic than we think.