The edge of comfort begins to feel mighty uncomfortable. An extended stretch in yoga class, a twist that goes a bit further than you’re used to, a run that tacks on an extra mile that your body hasn’t done before.

When you stretch into your areas of growth, you reach a place of discomfort. My yoga teacher reminded me of the sweetness inside of this discomfort. It’s not painful, it’s not terrible, but it isn’t at all easy, either.

It isn’t the most pleasant place to be, because you might be breathing heavier, sweating more, struggling to balance.

You might be pushing to find the right words, or stammering on stage as you give your first-ever live talk.

Inside of the discomfort is a sweetness. It is the awareness of growth, of the creative impetus that is the desire of being human. We long for growth and change. When we stagnate or stay still for too long, we can sink into sadness, lethargy, or apathy.

But when we struggle and strive, when we reach to achieve, when we allow ourselves to go into the area of sweet discomfort,

We grow.