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Everyone starts somewhere.

Even the master yogi took a first class. To become anything, you have to begin. Start somewhere, take a tiny step. Something is better than nothing. Everyone starts somewhere.

Work in progress

We are all a work in progress. Not every day is perfect, blissful, extraordinary, or filled only with the “happy” emotion. Everyone I know has down times, unhappy days, troughs of long, hard work, and problems they have or currently are working through. It’s okay not to be okay. Give yourself permission to be right whereRead the article

You Will Disappoint People

In your life, you’ll disappoint people. You may be wildly successful, outrageously funny, brilliant and do extraordinary things. You also will likely disappoint someone, at some time. And the more that you attempt to do, be, and discover, the higher probability that you will not please everyone. It’s okay to disappoint a couple of people.Read the article

NAME IT: The Handy Cheat-Sheet For How to Deal with Feelings.

Feelings, emotions, troubles and woes: no one is immune, despite the shiny glory of the internet and our addictions to various social-media outlets. I have a handy trick that I’ve used with a lot of success over the past couple of years each time I get overwhelmed, scared, afraid, worried, or wondering what to do aRead the article

Everybody Has Something

I’ve lived long enough–and talked to enough people–to know that everyone has something. Behind the exterior, behind the face, behind the brilliance or seeming-perfection, there are stories. People have lived through loss, hardship, trauma, and fear; they have scars that are visible and invisible; and despite all evidence to the contrary, most–if not all–people are dealingRead the article

Prioritize action over fear.

In the doing of things, mistakes will be made. But you are doing the things, and that is good. In the face of fear, you can wait or do nothing. You can also choose to act despite the fear. (And not doing something is actually doing something). Choose wisely.

Are You Learning?

  I put together a series of a dozen or so challenges and questions that I ask myself and post up in my office and my home workspace. To see the rest in the series, check out the Post-It category.

The expectation: achievement dance

“Achievement is rarely is in line with expectation; and if it is, dream bigger.” Each time you cross the threshold and reach a goal; a goal set forth determinedly by your younger self, you may encounter both a sense of satisfaction and a sense of gnawing expectation for more, for greater. As your abilities expandRead the article

Today or tomorrow?

The future isn’t written yet.

2011 review: 28 in fifty-two notes: a year’s worth of writing, lessons, and people

Another year, another day, another second. Each moment we get a little older, and hopefully a little bit wiser. Yesterday I turned 28, and I can hardly believe it. I’m nearly done with my twenties: somehow it feels like I should be getting on with my life, setting an example, and doing stuff worth doing.Read the article