Everyone starts somewhere.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Even the master yogi took a first class.
To become anything, you have to begin.
Start somewhere, take a tiny step.
Something is better than nothing.
Everyone starts somewhere.

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7 Responses to Everyone starts somewhere.

  1. Andi says:

    Such a great message!

  2. How grand is your vision?
    That’s what assures that you take the steps to follow. That’s what keeps you plugging away when the bridge is out, or you’re too tired, or nobody wants to go along, or it’s all uphill.

    Whatever made you take that first step is there as a reminder that you saw what could be. Taking the early steps vote for making that possible future real. Sticking it out despite the inconvenience is what makes those steps creative–unique to you, but a model of what can me done.

  3. Chris Senger says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I always look forward to your writing.

    The following message is posted outside of our local school district office and reinforces your message for today.

    More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin. A series of small steps leads to change.

  4. Sierra says:

    Simple and direct, and so easy to forget!

  5. […] Everyone starts somewhere. A great message, and so easy to forget when you’re gasping for air halfway through a planned […]

  6. HT Lee says:

    That’s right. There’s always a beginning to a great story, a first step to a great adventure.