Around December last year, I realized that I wanted to plan ahead for the year differently. I was tired of pushing for “more,” and feeling like I was spinning my wheels trying to do a hundred things at once. Instead, over a series of notebook pages, I started to sketch out where my time was going, and what I was truly working on.

The results shocked me — and they made me rethink how I set up my business in 2018.

Last week I had the chance to sit down with two amazing people, Kate Northrup and Mike Watts, on their podcast all about life, entrepreneurship, business, and babies. They are some of the most thoughtful and curious people I know, and I joined them to talk about how my planning process for 2018 changed how I think about my work, and where my energy is going.

On the show, we talked about:

  • How my workload changed dramatically and why I started a “do not do” list for 2018.
  • How many hours I truly have in a week to work, and the process I used to come up with the number.
  • The revelations I realized about my schedule.
  • What it means to plan ahead for both business and babies.
  • My renewed focus on consistency and simplicity.

Also, we chat a bit about my swim from Alcatraz (back in the day!) and how my husband ended up taking my last name. I really enjoyed the show, here’s a link for you to listen in.

Episode 74: The 20-Hour Workweek: Sarah Kathleen Peck from Startup Pregnant

And if you’d like to read through more on the process I used to cut back on 50% of my workload, here’s a link to my round-up post about it over on Startup Pregnant: Here’s The System I Used To Cut My Workload By 50% This Year.