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What Do You Do When The Thing You Want Doesn’t Exist?

I saw this go by a few days ago and I had to share it: credit and thanks to Michael Ellsberg for posting it originally.  A few updates to the December Giveaway post: all of the slots for Saturday are filled up (they filled up within a couple of hours!) but there are a coupleRead the article

Gratitude, Holiday Cheer + Post-Thanksgiving Epic Giveaways.

Congratulations to Melissa for winning a copy of Shane Mac’s book, “Stop With The BS” and to Claire and Anne for winning spots to Molly Mahar’s Holiday Council (which starts Monday, November 26th– join me there! I’ll be on the interviews and on as many calls as possible). I’ve been hearing wonderful reviews of the book and soRead the articleRead the article

Do You Have A Life Philosophy?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your hearts, minds, families and homes be filled with gratitude and blessings. As part of this season’s focus on gratitude and thanks, I’m doing a huge number of THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAYS!  I’m giving away lots of good things throughout the entire month of November (and now I’m up until Christmas–I have moreRead the articleRead the article

Stop With The Bull Shit: Calling BS On “Corporate,” Life, Relationships, Careers — Shane Mac

I met Shane Mac two years ago via Twitter, when serendipitously we both remarked on the strange olfactory sensations of shopping malls (we commented wryly about the stench pouring from Abercrombie and Fitch stores)–and followed it up with a beer (maybe several beers, in fact) in San Francisco. He was one of my first twitter-to-real-life friends, andRead the articleRead the article

Reading List 2012: On Family, Parenting, Leaping, Daring, and the Future

As you know, I love reading. I love everything about books, learning, curling up with coffee and a new book, discovering ideas and curating conversations. Here’s a list of what I’ve been learning from this past week–as well as the books I’ve recently read or am nearly done with from the last month or two.Read the articleRead the article

Reinvention Isn’t Easy, But It Is Necessary: 22 Thoughts from Julien Smith

It’s November, the season of gratitude–one of my favorite seasons. In the spirit of gratefulness, thanks, and learning, I’ll be giving away prizes with almost every single post all throughout November. Some of the things I have to give away include a copy of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s new book, “The Impact Equation,” copiesRead the articleRead the article

My Monthly Review Practice

It’s the end of the month (Happy Halloween!) and I’m sitting down to do my monthly review–which happens as close to the 30th as I can get each month, give or take a couple of days depending on my schedule and deadlines. I find that I like to check-in on the 30th to see how thingsRead the articleRead the article