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Stop With The Bull Shit: Calling BS On “Corporate,” Life, Relationships, Careers — Shane Mac

I met Shane Mac two years ago via Twitter, when serendipitously we both remarked on the strange olfactory sensations of shopping malls (we commented wryly about the stench pouring from Abercrombie and Fitch stores)–and followed it up with a beer (maybe several beers, in fact) in San Francisco. He was one of my first twitter-to-real-life friends, andRead the articleRead the article

Steph Nelson: Planning, Monterey Bay, and Work-Life-Location Balance

Steph Nelson, a City + Regional Planning graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, works with the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments in Monterey, CA.  Located an hour and a half south of San Francisco, Steph talks about accepting a fabulous job in Transportation and Regional Planning while  balancing work with herRead the article

Neal Mueller: On Tangible Goals & Personal Vision

(homepage logo from Neal Mueller, climber extraordinaire and Wharton MBA graduate, is about to start a new job at VMWare in Palo Alto, CA. In this interview, we talk about the importance of tangible goals, creating an identity and vision for yourself, and key insights on being successful in the working world today. NealRead the article

Johanna Lelke: on Chiropractic Medicine, starting your own practice, and perseverance

This interview delves into the world of Chiropractic Medicine with Johanna Lelke, DC, of Innersport Chiropractic in Berkeley, CA. Johanna earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. While contemplating an advanced medical degree, she learned about chiropractic medicine and “took the plunge” in starting and creating her own practiceRead the article

Carlos Almendárez: Project Director, Bay Area Community Resources

Carlos Almendárez, a 2003 graduate of UC Berkeley, is the Project Director for Bay Area Community Resources (BACR). He oversees 12 after-school programs for San Francisco Unified School District. His passion for sports, education, community involvement, and work-life balance led him to a job that he loves – working with students, people, and sports. InRead the article

Blink Tag, Inc: On starting your own web / technology company

This interview, with Brendan Nee and Jed Horne of Blink Tag Inc, focuses on web development, technology consulting, and starting your own company right out of school. Blink Tag is a startup company that specializes in web development, transportation and city planning websites, graphic design, and web consulting. Brendan and Jed did their graduate programsRead the article

Jenni Crowley, PhD: On Consulting, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Jenni Crowley is a Management Consultant with Campbell Alliance Group, Inc. Jenni has a PhD in Immunology from the University of Pennsylvania and undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry. A self-professed “science geek,” she does business consulting for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping them work through business issues related to marketing, sales, and managedRead the article

Rowan Paul: On Sports Medicine, Medical School, and Graduate Internships

This interview delves into the world of Primary Care Sports Medicine with San Francisco’s own Rowan Paul, M.D. Rowan is a graduate of Brown University and Albany Medical College, and did his residency at Stanford University and a fellowship at the University of Utah. Today, he works as a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician atRead the article