Congratulations to Melissa for winning a copy of Shane Mac’s book, “Stop With The BS” and to Claire and Anne for winning spots to Molly Mahar’s Holiday Council (which starts Monday, November 26th– join me there! I’ll be on the interviews and on as many calls as possible). I’ve been hearing wonderful reviews of the book and so many of you have reached out to say how much you like the layout and design: thank you! I’m SO GLAD!

Also, stay tuned because I STILL have LOTS more to give away, even *after* this post, and this post is a big one. Nuts, right? Happy Holidays to all of you. 

Gratitude, for all of you.

As I write on this blog and interact with so many people via email and in the comments, I find myself overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, mostly with gratitude. Your letters, emails, comments, and positive energy make me feel so lucky. From the bottom of my big, deep, water-loving heart:

Thank you.

You are all wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you for supporting me in the Charity Swim we did earlier this year, thank you for participating so actively in this blog, thank you for surprising me, thank you for teaching me. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about the recently-launched book, and for everything you do. I appreciate it, more than you probably know.

And in the name of gratitude, I’ve put together my first “Epic Big Fat Delicious Wonderful Holiday Sale.”** 

(The name needs a little work, right? A free present for someone who comes up with a better name for what I’m doing today, deal? Deal. Leave a note in the comments and I’ll send you something special if I like it). 

The writing on this website is all free–all of the essays, thoughts, wandering, questions, ideas and inspiration. I write because I have to, because it’s in my soul to write, and my writing ritual is to open up a notebook or a computer every time I have an idea, sometimes multiple times a day. I’ve been known to obsessively type into my phone new ideas whenever I’m out and about, drafting new thoughts. Beyond the prolific nature of this site, however, there are also lots of ways to work with me for people who want more advanced content and specialized one-on-one time. For those of you that have been wanting to work with me, check it out. There’s LOTS of good stuff coming at you today:

Want some love? Want some time? Want to figure things out? This month, I’ve got big, wonderful holiday gifts to give you, as well as lots of ways to work together (and many more freebies). This December and January, here are three ways to work together:

** UPDATE FOR OPTION 1 ** These spots FLEW off the shelves by the end of the first day, so I’m officially marking this as SOLD OUT! If you still want to chat, check out Option 2, which is available all December.

December 1, 2012: Pay What You Can Day (Option 1–SOLD OUT).

As a major kick-off to December, on December 1, 2012, I’ll be doing a day full of 30-minute jam session coaching calls (Tell me about it: it’s gonna be a DAY! I’m excited!!). I’m setting aside most of the morning and afternoon for YOU. If you’re free, you have a burning question, if you want to say hi, if you love this blog, or you’re caught in the floundering that is too-many-projects-and-not-enough-time, or stuck in that soup that is Help I’m stuck I don’t know what to do next!–I’m happy to help. I love brainstorming, reviewing, strategy and all that goodness.

Sign up for a session: If you want to chat for 20-30 minutes and figure out as much as possible, apply and sign up here by Thursday, November 29th. (SOLD OUT).

Here’s the catch: well, there isn’t really a catch. There are a lot of people want to hire me and work with me, but for economic, personal or other reasons, they can’t. So when you apply I ask that you offer only what you might be able to pay–an amount that’s reasonable and affordable for you—I’ll accept anything from from $0 to $1 Million. Whatever you want to spend, that’s how much it costs. I will not judge you for the amount you can pay, and I will not select based on ability to pay. Hence the nature of a “Pay-What-You-Can-Day.”  

Here’s the other thing: I won’t be keeping any of the money from this day. Every dollar that comes my way I will donate to Charity: Water’s aim to build 100 wells for the holidays.

So YOU get a 20 or 30-minute slot, I’LL get to read through your entry and offer you as much love and advice I can give during your session, AND many blessed souls will get to have clean water. Talk about a good day! Tell me your stories, your troubles, or just call in to celebrate your recent successes and I’ll toast a glass of wine to you. I can’t wait to hear from you.

** UPDATE FOR OPTION 2 ** These are now half gone! If you want some love in December for planning the next year, sign up quickly.

Option 2: December Half-Off For Ten People.

Okay, Sarah, I can’t make it this Saturday! I’m going on a luxurious vacation for ten days and I’m not able to use my phone (or perhaps you’re knee-deep in Ethiopia, building a new library).

I get it. Not all scheduling is easy to do. So I’ve got more Holiday presents for you. (I told you this was going to be an epic season of giveaways!). 

I’m going to do ten consulting calls at half-off (typically $150 per one-hour call) any time during the month of December (technical note: schedule before Christmas, December 25th).

What can I say? It’s the holidays.

Sign up via this form, and then we’ll schedule a time to work together. Once the first ten calls are taken, prices will go back up. Let’s get talking!

And The Biggest Present Of All? Option 3: I’m Re-Opening The Start Something Project.

We’re going to kick off the Start Something Project again in January. For those of you who are new to the project, it’s a 4-week kick-in-the-pants to dream, goal-set, prioritize, plan, and mastermind your way into the life you’re not quite in yet.

In the words of one of my clients that I worked with in the past 6 months since launching the project in June:

“The process of doing weekly reviews with you over the phone was an incredibly valuable exercise so today I decided to take that concept and do a three-month review. As I look back on everything that has happened I’m blown away. Had I not worked with you, I wouldn’t have stopped to take inventory of all that has happened. Instead, I would have focused on all that I wasn’t accomplishing. I would have continued to beat myself up, which would only slow down any progress I could have been making. 

I now understand the importance of having a vision, breaking it down into manageable steps and executing step by step. I know the importance of being compassionate and building habits that contribute to success. I also have more faith in my abilities and potential. I’m so excited for what the future will bring and excited to tackle the challenges that I’ll face along the way. 

Your PDF of notes made me tear up. It’s been such an insane, awesome, chaotic, exciting roller-coaster three months. Life out here is exactly how I hoped life would be: full of opportunity, big dreams and incredible people. I’m so very grateful that you were one of the incredible people that have been a part of my dream so far.

Thank you so much everything.”

The 1-month Start Something Project is $1600 for 4-6 weeks of work together; full program details are here.

This is premium, one-on-one, personalized and in-depth work over four to six weeks. I only work with one or two individuals at a time. This isn’t for hesitant individuals. Email me when you are READY to MAKE CHANGE. This is for those people who really, desperately want to change, to explore, to do in-depth discovery sessions, to work at a mastermind level to take your project, priorities and life to the next level.

The results so far have been phenomenal. I’m excited to open it up to a few more individuals.

But More Importantly, Gratitude.

I’m grateful for the opportunities to work with you. That my words have resonance with so many people. For all of your letters, ideas, and inspiration. I love working with you and I absolutely adore writing.

I’m grateful for my wonderful job, for my relentless pursuit of a million different projects, for the flexibility to write on this blog, for my lovely family, and for the people who are in my life.

Here’s hoping this day, this month, and this coming year are what you want them to be.

May your bodies of work be plentiful, your dreams astronomical, your effort to make them happen unparalleled.

I’m rooting for you.




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