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The expectation: achievement dance

“Achievement is rarely is in line with expectation; and if it is, dream bigger.” Each time you cross the threshold and reach a goal; a goal set forth determinedly by your younger self, you may encounter both a sense of satisfaction and a sense of gnawing expectation for more, for greater. As your abilities expandRead the article

Turn upside down, look again: a philosophy of handstands.

How many times do you flip upside down and look at the world from a different perspective? Literally – how often do you turn upside down? Short of taking a thrill ride at an adventure-park, or bending over to pick up the trash, most people rarely turn upside down on a regular basis. The closestRead the article

Best of books 2011: For every entrepreneur and intra-praneur

“If you stop learning, you are obsolete.” Entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs learn like crazy. (If you don’t know what an intra-preneur is, check out this list of business terms). An intra-preneur is changing the game in his or her current company by breaking the rules, building new programs, and becoming indispensible within their company. An entrepreneurRead the article

Unnecessary kindness

“Kindness is the act of caring for the people around you; of knowing how to make both our lives, and the lives of others, more meaningful.”  Non-obligation Thank You notes. Words of encouragement. Big, fat, friendly hugs. Admiring someone’s hard work and dedication. Making yourself available to others. Turning the timer off. Telling your bossRead the article

The 9-to-5 Doesn’t Always Make Sense. How I Work: Discipline. Differences. Structures. Boundaries. Freedom.

Sometimes my Grandpa says I work too hard. I try to tell him that my work is not the same as work used to be. I work late. I work early. I take breaks in the middle of the day. He points to the clock. It’s 6’o’clock, he says, wobbling over his cane and tappingRead the article

Happy New Year & The Best of 2011

What a year. First, a huge thank you for everything and everyone wonderful from December: it was the surprise ending to an already-unforgettable year. I was blown away by the shout-out on Pro Blogger and the response to the recent Do Something: Slide Share presentation. (which reached 80,000 views!) WOW.  I’m completely blown away! Based on the reviews and reactions, IRead the article