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What would you bring with you into the woods? Reflection questions on your own fire, the art of creation, the necessity of destruction, and your intrinsic value.

Central Park by Vivienne Gucwa on NY Through The Lens. Reflection, rejuvenation, and three questions. This weekend, I left the city to join one hundred other entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators to shake off some digital dust and retreat in the Poconos Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania. In addition to the typical packing instructions — sleeping bag,Read the article

Are You A Watcher Or A Judger?

A few weeks ago, I was teaching some of Spring’s early-season open water courses down at Aquatic Park near Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. A group of new swimmers stood, shivering, outside of the water while the coaches and I explained the process of getting acclimated to cold water temperatures and critical things to knowRead the article

Words for Walking: What Kind Are You?

What’s one thing that almost every one of us have in common? The ability to walk, wander, and be bipedal; we are a species that has, historically, spent most of our time on our feet. In my Walk + Talk adventures in San Francisco this past year, I’ve been reading literature on the importance ofRead the articleRead the article

Let’s Go For A Walk and Talk: Experiments in a Creative Series

“Modern literary theory sees a similarity between walking and writing that I find persuasive: words inscribe a text in the same way that a walk inscribes space. In The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel de Certeau writes, ‘The act of walking … is a process of appropriation of the topographical system on the part ofRead the article

John Stilgoe on the Magic Outdoors: Get Outside!

Why is walking and wandering through the physical world so important? While the architecture of the digital world is equally fascinating–we’re all increasingly inhabiting spaces that don’t have correlating spatial and locational constraints, and the architectural design of online communities, internet spaces, and experiences is an art in an of itself,–there is a beauty andRead the articleRead the article

Reinvention Isn’t Easy, But It Is Necessary: 22 Thoughts from Julien Smith

It’s November, the season of gratitude–one of my favorite seasons. In the spirit of gratefulness, thanks, and learning, I’ll be giving away prizes with almost every single post all throughout November. Some of the things I have to give away include a copy of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s new book, “The Impact Equation,” copiesRead the articleRead the article

Show up.

Show up. Every day, or as often as needs to be done. Figure out the schedule. Perhaps it’s once a week. It’s not about extremes. It’s not about doing a magnanimous or extraordinary thing on one singular day, or in one moment. It’s the accumulation of micro-actions. It’s about consistency. It’s about showing up, evenRead the article

How To Live.

Staring out of the window, taking pause between propelling multiple events and cataloguing the life of a company, I stopped to muse and wonder, what would be on my list? And before I knew it, before I could actually think about it, I leaned into it, started scrawling across my notebooks, tears down my cheeks for my grandmother and for everyone who, inevitably, must die; and I thought, this is what I want. This is how I want to live.Read the article

Invisible systems.

I’m staring at the giant salad box in front of me on the airplane, munching down on another pile of cheese and ham, trying to figure out if I’m even hungry. There’s still piles of salad left, and I’m cramped in between the person next to me and the window, navigating my book and myRead the article

Homemade Lemonade

… When life gives you lemons … At home, we have a lemon, lime, and an orange tree in our backyard, pressed up against the fence. During the big storms, my mom ties the trunk of the tree to the fence to prevent the weight of the fruit from falling the tree. The lemon treeRead the article