Anti-Racism Resources: Books, Conversations and People Leading The Charge

Anti-Racism Resources: Books, Conversations and People Leading The Charge

Whenever I read an article or see a headline that says, “The surprising racist history of…” I think, wait, this shouldn’t be surprising because the United States and much of the colonial and Western worlds were built on the backbone of slavery, oppression, and racism. There is racism in everything. Including ourselves. This should not be a surprise. There is racism everywhere, in everything.

One Hiring Mistake I See New Entrepreneurs Make All The Time

“I’ll start a podcast and interview people I know,” someone says. Twenty episodes in, and they realize that they’ve accidentally interviewed people that look identical—all one gender, all one race. Did they do it on purpose? Of course not. Most people don’t mean to. We don’t set out to say “Hey look, I think I’ll create the most biased podcast out there and only interview people that look like me.” But when we don’t pay attention, this happens over and over again. Here’s why it happens, why it’s important to notice it, and when to intervene to change it.

How to Give Great Advice (and Why Most Advice Doesn’t Work)

It’s fun to brainstorm, to be clever, to solve things. But sometimes other people don’t need us to solve their problem, offer advice, or jump in with the perfect story. Sometimes they just need us to listen. Listening isn’t being quiet: it’s an active process. And it takes work to listen well. Here are a few strategies for being better at giving advice (without giving advice).