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Packing light: how we traveled for 3 weeks across Europe (and got on stage!) with only small backpacks.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s carrying an over-packed wheely suitcase through crowded subways and city streets up four flights of stairs after a long day of traveling. Between being cramped in an overnight flight across the Atlantic, negotiating the limited quarters of overhead bin space, and standing sleepy-eyed at the baggage claim carousel, I’m shakingRead the article

The Bali journey: in photographs.

I’m a little bit at a loss for words. I’m back from Bali, landing back in the USA after a flight pulled me 13 hours backwards in time, depositing me into the winter hemisphere. While I was gone, our city decorated the streets of Brooklyn with holiday lights, and folks have pulled out their hatsRead the article

Feasts, Powder Kegs, New York, Filming, Indianapolis + Lots of Link Love!

Rooftop Yoga On The Standard, NYC. What another whirlwind of weeks! I touched down in San Francisco a couple days ago, just in time to see that the entire city had turned orange (Halloween and the Giants in the playoffs will turn this city somewhat crazy), and as soon as the wheels landed, it seemsRead the articleRead the article

Chasing Freedom: Independence, Adventure, and The Year-Long Secret Race to #WDS

INDEPENDENCE. WHAT IS IT? A year ago, I went to one of my first conferences I’ve ever attended—aptly titled, “The World Domination Summit.“ (Try telling your parents and your colleagues about this one. Bemused looks and strange faces ensued.) I went anyways. As a slightly more introverted than extroverted person who struggles a bit with socialRead the articleRead the article

April Miscellaneous: Updates, Link Love and Thoughts on Burning the Midnight Oil

Updates: I’m bursting at the seems with about a hundred posts I want to write, and they are all currently buried in my notebooks, brain, and on half-finished word documents on my laptop. I just took a peek at the unpublished drafts in my queue (110) and the number of essays I’ve hit “publish” on (173)Read the article

2011 review: Costa Rica, Reflections, and Entrepreneurs

I’d like to interrupt the middle of winter for a short escape to the pure life: la pura vida, costa rica. This past week I spent living in Costa Rica with a group of six women for an entrepreneur’s retreat. For many people, particularly small-business owners or entrepreneurs, working from home or abroad is aRead the article

What an UH-OH looks like.

Toronto, Canada.  I was planning on running a quick errand. In the elevator of the AirBNB apartment I was renting, I made a to-do list: Pack. Ship. Mail. Dinner. Write. Check travel itinerary. Get ready to head back to the States tomorrow, early. I grabbed my keys and my bag and scurried outside to make itRead the article