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Why You Have to Ask

What happens when you don’t ask? Well, one thing’s for certain: You won’t find out. So, ask. Say what you want. Often you can’t get what you want until you put yourself out there. Read the article

“Desiderata,” by Max Ehrmann (1927)

Wandering through the Presidio National Park in San Francisco, and overlooking the San Francisco National Cemetery. Each and every human, past, present and future: You are all loved.  Desiderata (Latin: “desired things”), is a 1927 poem by American writer Max Ehrmann (1872–1945). It’s one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. SometimesRead the article

World Domination Summit: Day 2 and Beyond

Sometimes I get caught up in the whirlwind of the weeks that it’s hard for me to find time to sit down and write my posts – it’s been about a week and a half since the epic second rendition of WDS concluded, and I went straight back to work,  followed by a  weekend spentRead the articleRead the article

Reading: Creativity, Talent + Marissa Mayer. Also: Urban Revival and Adults Making New Friends

What I’m reading: Creativity, Start-ups, Marissa Mayer and how adults make friends later in life (do they?)Read the article

100 Gratitudes, One Hundred Dollars, and the $29,000 Birthday Swim

We live in a world of abundance, and this is the year that I finally became worth nothing. Out of all the things that I worked through and built this year, the entire time I still had a bed to sleep in, a family close by, a job that I went to everyday and plenty of food to eat. A pool to swim in, places to run, a city to call home. When I returned from WDS this year, I was humbled, quiet, confused, and a bit sad: despite all of the engagement, inspiration, and learning, I still wonder: Am I doing things worthwhile? I’m not sure yet. Is there more to do? Absolutely. Have I reached all of my capabilities? I don’t think so. Can I do more? Yes. There’s so much more I want to do. Join me as I try to raise $29,000 for my 29th birthday — and if I do it, I promise to be a little crazy. More crazy, I mean. Read the article

100 Gratitudes

“Dwell on that which makes you happy, and you’ll be happier. You are what you think.” What are you grateful for? Here’s a list of one hundred things that I’m grateful for today; there are thousands of things. Hugs Unexpected generosity Cities and the intricacies of urban fabric and invisible systems. My hands Thank youRead the articleRead the article

The Stories of Humanity and the Power of Connection: #WDS 2012 Recap (Day 1)

What does it mean to be human? Humanity is what you say to someone when you think no one’s watching. It’s what you do when you’re all by yourself. Humanity is what you feel when you watch another person suffering, and decide to either do nothing, or do something. Humanity is the ability to reach out and hug someone. Humanity is being grateful for your family, your friends, and your ability to do something in this world. Humanity is the ability to trust, the ability to connect, the ability to touch. To be human means we can move, create, love, share, and laugh. Humanity—the essential element or essence of being human is more than what you do. It’s who you are, and who you are able to be together. It is the ability for one thousand people to sing–as a group–the entirety of “Don’t Stop Believing,” and fill a theater with our voices.Read the article

World Domination in Tweets

World domination, in 140 characters or less. A twitter-capture of the thought streams of the participants at WDS 2012. Read the article

Chasing Freedom: Independence, Adventure, and The Year-Long Secret Race to #WDS

INDEPENDENCE. WHAT IS IT? A year ago, I went to one of my first conferences I’ve ever attended—aptly titled, “The World Domination Summit.“ (Try telling your parents and your colleagues about this one. Bemused looks and strange faces ensued.) I went anyways. As a slightly more introverted than extroverted person who struggles a bit with socialRead the articleRead the article

How To Live.

Staring out of the window, taking pause between propelling multiple events and cataloguing the life of a company, I stopped to muse and wonder, what would be on my list? And before I knew it, before I could actually think about it, I leaned into it, started scrawling across my notebooks, tears down my cheeks for my grandmother and for everyone who, inevitably, must die; and I thought, this is what I want. This is how I want to live.Read the article