Why You Have to Ask

What happens when you don’t ask? Well, one thing’s for certain: You won’t find out.

So, ask. Say what you want. Often you can’t get what you want until you put yourself out there.

Will you like my Facebook page? How about my new Swimming page? And will you come find me on Twitter, if that’s where you are? 

Sure, that’s easy, you say. Of course I will. (*Whew!* My brain thinks. Man, I didn’t want to ask–what if they said no? Ahh, the lovely fear of rejection.)  

We don’t get what we don’t ask for.

So, what are you asking for? What do you want? What are the questions you have for other people? Here are a few things you can ask:

Will you tell me what’s bothering you?
Will you tell me what your big dreams are?
What are you working towards?
Will you help me?
Can I help you in any way?

And here’s another one that I’d really love help with–this is the “big ask” of the day:

Will you help me reach one of my dreams to swim the Escape From Alcatraz in my skin suit, in order to make more clean water available around the world? Will you donate?

Part of it makes me so uncomfortable: I’m not good at asking over and over again. My brain makes excuses–they don’t want to; you’re being annoying; don’t bother them anymore–and then I remember how much I love helping other people, if only I knew what it was that I could help them with.

Here are a few more questions for you:

Will you do something for you?
Will you go on and ask that girl out on a date, ask her to spend time with you?
Ask for that raise, ask for the job you deserve.
Ask for what you want.
Ask for the thing your soul is burning to have.

Ask, ASK, ASK! Make it happen.

Put yourself out there.  If you don’t ask – the answer is already “No.”

What do you want?

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2 Responses to Why You Have to Ask

  1. Came over to this blog off boldacademy…love the reading so far. Thanks for putting stuff like this o there, Sarah…it really does make you think about the greater balance of things and what holds us back from achieving all we can.

    Leaving “Designing your life” for tomorrow… :-)

  2. Steven says:

    This is something I have a hard time with. I want people to notice me but I don’t want to market myself. When I do, I feel as though I’m bragging…but at the same time, it seems like what a person must do to be recognized. We have to sell ourselves, give people a reason to remember our name. My dream is to be known as the guy with the Bucket List…but there’s so many other people out there with the same idea that setting myself apart from the crowd has been a big challenge. And I hate to keep asking people to come visit my blog, to like my Facebook page, etc. I WANT all these things, but I feel like I’m pestering people. Maybe it’s just something I need to get over…