Monthly Archives: April 2011

Ten Things for Right Now

Ten vows for – the new year – right now. I write a letter to myself every year (in addition to journaling and obsessive list-making and many other things involving pens, paper and imagination).  One of the most important things on my list is not just what I want to achieve, but also my best guessRead the article

A swift kick in the ass. (I’m here to tell you to work harder.)

Yup, that’s right. You heard me. It’s time to work harder. Not just harder, better. We live in a world where people try to make us feel good about ourselves and our goals. We talk about our accomplishments and offer consolations to people who don’t make it to glory (“oh, it’s okay, at least youRead the article

Want the Process, not the Product

The most important type of change in your life is incremental change. Sometimes life requires big leaps. Other times, it requires lots of small steps. Wake up in a flurry, have a dream, want something. Expend all your energy that day, that week, in starting your new goal. (Say your goal is running, so you runRead the article

City Wanderings (and a 10-day hiatus!)

I see London, I see France … What a whirlwind year already (And it’s only April!). I’m smack in the middle of deadlines, in over my head in responsibilities, and I want nothing more than to sit and write more of the pieces I’m working on — both for this blog and elsewhere. Sounds likeRead the article

More than Just Dreaming: Actually DO-ing. (And a short video: hello!)

Dreams are things that we either unabashedly work towards — or we keep them close to our hearts, unwilling to chase them because they might not come true. God, I’m terrified of publishing this. I have a big confession to make. I love the show Survivor. I would go on the show in a heartbeat.Read the article