I see London, I see France …

What a whirlwind year already (And it’s only April!). I’m smack in the middle of deadlines, in over my head in responsibilities, and I want nothing more than to sit and write more of the pieces I’m working on — both for this blog and elsewhere.
Sounds like it’s about time for a re-boot.
After The Middle and even though I have deadlines – maybe precisely because I have deadlines – my Sister and I are taking off for a 10-day respite from the crazy of the working world.
I’m headed to London, UK, and Paris, France for 10 days. I’ll be wandering through cities, exploring the urban environments, and building marvelous plans for World Domination (or something like that).
I’m taking off! Time to get out from behind the computer and see the world.
I won’t be back in the States until the 18th, and I’m deliberately leaving my computer and my cellphone behind. I’m not sure if I or others will be more shocked from this digital vacation – I’m expecting to need the entire 10 days to rehab from my ever-building internet and facebook addiction.  My vacation responder now gives a stern rebuke to those trying to contact me (they have to go through my mom to get to me!) — and this will be a great test of my ability to actually slow down and see the world, even in the midst of crazy deadlines.
Vacation – and time off – is important. Extremely important. Most of us don’t take enough time to recover, to re-build our stamina, and to give ourselves the fresh breath required to do our best and most brilliant work.
I’ll have good things for you while I’m gone.
A special guest post will hit this blog next week while I’m gone. Enjoy! Other than that, I’ll be gone from the internet world for 10 days.
But I won’t forget about this blog for *too long.*
And I’ll have even better things for you when I get back!
When I’m back, I’ll have notebooks filled with observations, ideas, and new posts. And pictures – LOTS of pictures. Also, I’ll be launching several fun projects that I’ve been working on and sharing lots of fun things with you soon.
See you at the end of April!