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Icons in History: San Francisco’s Golden Gate

Editor’s Note: This weekend, the main entry drive to the Golden Gate Bridge closes down for three days, and traffic in my home city is expected to be horrendous. As is the case with many things we encounter on a regular basis, I realized how much I take this bridge for granted – both inRead the article

The Importance of Story

There are thousands of bad presentations. What makes a good presentation? Nancy Duarte looks at the importance of stories and narratives in our collective history, and how the use of storytelling can captivate audiences. In it’s most simple structure, a story contains a likable hero, who encounters a roadblock, and overcomes the adversity to achieve aRead the article

What You Don’t See

What you see is not all there is It’s late on a Saturday night, and I feel a slight pull to go out, to put down my notebooks, to wander outside and do the “going out” thing I sometimes like to do. I feel the tug, the urge to walk down to the local bars,Read the article

Invisible systems.

I’m staring at the giant salad box in front of me on the airplane, munching down on another pile of cheese and ham, trying to figure out if I’m even hungry. There’s still piles of salad left, and I’m cramped in between the person next to me and the window, navigating my book and myRead the article

What’s Your Story?

You.  On the cover of a magazine. Big, bold, splashy words. You’re wearing something sharp. Five years down the road from now, you’re doing an exclusive interview, and someone is telling your story to a captive audience. Just a few questions for you, in this daydream: First, what magazine would it be? Second, what wouldRead the article

April Miscellaneous: Updates, Link Love and Thoughts on Burning the Midnight Oil

Updates: I’m bursting at the seems with about a hundred posts I want to write, and they are all currently buried in my notebooks, brain, and on half-finished word documents on my laptop. I just took a peek at the unpublished drafts in my queue (110) and the number of essays I’ve hit “publish” on (173)Read the article

You Gotta Slow Down to Speed Up

But with all this speed, we start wobbling. Making mistakes. Not seeing where we’re actually going. And too often, I see entrepreneurs and business owners prioritize speed over depth. Is it better to go fast, or to go far? Speed and consistency are two separate things, and one more often than not is indicative ofRead the article