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Eating Better: How I Try to Stay Healthy, No Matter How Busy

I got an interesting email from a friend currently going through an arduous graduate program. Almost as an afterthought, he said, I have a question for you: How do you eat? How do you stay healthy, especially when you’re only cooking for just yourself? How do you make time to eat well when you areRead the article

20 lessons from starting a project, part two: launch week.

I’m breathing again, having just launched our website project this past week. Everything was set to go live early in the week – launch campaign emails, final website tweaks, coordination with the team, announcements to be sent, facebook posts, advance tweets. I woke up on Wednesday morning grinning from ear to ear – the firstRead the article

The lessons you need most, learning the hard way, and big dreams: part 1

I’ll be honest, My face hurts. It might be from the lack of sleep, or the fact that my face is currently crushed against a table in a coffeeshop, where I’ve inadvertendly placed my head down for a quick snooze, and now I’m covered in drool and blinking rapidly trying to regain a sense ofRead the article

Feedback is O.K.

One of the most important things we get from this world is feedback. Information about how we’re doing. What people like, and don’t like. How to make things better. As a kid, falling on the ground, scratching your knee – that’s feedback. “Ouch! The world hurts!” you think. Or, “Hmmmm … concrete is hard. SkinRead the article

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?