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What holds you back?

Question: What holds people back from accomplishing their dreams? From fulfilling their potential? A guest post of mine was featured on Ongoing Conversation recently. OngoingConvo, created and curated by David Damron, features a new question every week and 2-4 writers reacting to the question and generating discussion via the comments.  To see the entire conversation, IRead the article

There’s Someone I Want You To Meet. (LAC Book Review and a Free Book Giveaway!)

I want to set up a match. You know, a little blind date. The one where your friends find someone for you that they KNOW is perfect for you. Yes, you. I want you to meet Jenny. ABOUT YOU. YOU: are insanely talented, fresh out of college or somewhere a few years into a jobRead the article

Simple wisdom: The five things you need to do to be a good entrepreneur

I recently got some really simple (but great!) advice on how to be an entrepreneur. There are only 5 things you need to do every day to make sure you’ll make it. Sleep Eat well Exercise Be social Get the work done. It turns out it’s really hard to get #5 without the first 4.

What The Middle Looks Like (and Happy Saint Patty’s!)

I’ve been running pretty thin lately – it’s an exciting Spring, with several new projects under foot. I’m really excited to finally take some time to share some great news with you.  At the same time, it’s been a challenge to make it all happen – and I’m at work, late nights galore, trying toRead the article

If you don’t commit, it won’t happen.

Commitment is key. Commitment is everything. Commitment means “I say yes,” and “I’ll do this,” and, more importantly, it says “I know what I want.” When you commit to something, you say yes. You make priorities. And by making priorities, you also say no. You say no to things that don’t help you reach yourRead the article

One Year From Today.

March 10, 2010. One year from today. Not a year from now, in the future.  A year before today. March 10th – last year. What were you doing? More importantly, what were you planning on doing? Take stock in your actions. Have you made changes? Have you made progress? Are you on your way towards yourRead the article

Savor things + go slowly

I am the worst offender of this. I’m so rushed doing one thing, thinking about the next thing, that I forget what it’s like to just BE in the moment. I have scheduled time to tightly and packed my life so fully, that sometimes I try to swim faster just to get out of theRead the article

$10 for a Financial Wizard – Buy this book. (And Other Money Lessons From Ramit Sethi)

I get a lot of questions for people about money, finance, spending, saving, etc. I occasionally write posts on ways to save money, what it means to save for retirement, financing a car (for which I went through my own blunders) and setting up emergency savings plans. I write these from experience – and IRead the article