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The journey through pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, and becoming a parent: what it’s like to start a family and raise kids.

Should You Call A Pregnant Woman Fat?

I snorted when a book I was reading admonished against telling a pregnant woman she was “fat.” Yes, of course. That’s probably a bad call. Instead, however, it recommended that rather than the word “fat,” you kindly refer to the additional weight gain as “Maternal Storage Tissue.” Because yes, that’s what every woman wants to hear.Read the article

Life is Change

One detail of pregnancy that’s eye-opening is how fast everything changes. Week over week, there are new developments, changes, symptoms, changes, and side-effects. A few weeks ago, the little guy could hear us for the first time. There were kicks. There still are kicks (and punches!). His neuro-motor functioning is changing. He’s growing so fast insideRead the article

Record It While It’s Happening: Rachel Cusk on Emotions, Mamahood, and Becoming a Parent

Even though dragging myself out of bed and dealing with morning sickness does not make it fun to keep up with my writing habit, I also know that these feelings are fleeting. They won’t last forever, and I want to capture them while they’re here, so I can remember what it’s like. I have no ideaRead the article

I Don’t Want To Be Good At This

Sometimes we get really good at things in life that we have no interest in being good at. Today began as some of the less fun pregnancy days have begun — I woke up at 3am, my stomach hurting, my mouth dry, thirsty, but scared to drink water — afraid that if I drank water, I’dRead the article

He Chose You

Some mornings I wake up around 4 or 5, either because I have to pee, or because the baby is kicking me. I have been having a hard time falling back asleep after I wake up, so I started going to morning yoga early in the day. Figured I might as well calm my mind andRead the article

The Best Pregnancy Things (Clothes, Tools, Tips) I’ve Found So Far

I knew I had to dig in and actually buy some maternity pants when I could no longer hike my yoga pants up any higher. With my old pants, I either gave myself significant camel toe (not attractive), or I ended up with a thick elastic imprint around my waist (not comfortable), or both. MoreRead the article

Little Quips on This Not-So-Little Pregnancy

This is post #5 in my month-long writing challenge. Join me here. I find pregnancy to be quite weird. My body has taken over. It’s running a long-embedded script I didn’t know I had inside of me. I’ve taken to writing short bits on twitter under the hashtag #pregrealities. Something about Twitter makes me feel likeRead the article