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The Never-Ending Curiosity of a 5-Year Old: Why, How? What? and Why?

Why? Why-why-why-why-why? My brain is like a 5-year old, and up until recently, it was like an over-caffeinated 5-year old without a chance to get outside and run around on the playground. I find myself fixated on the WHY question, as well as the WHAT and the HOW, and I can’t help but wonder, about,Read the articleRead the article

You Have Permission.

I’m planning my week, my day, and a couple of thoughts run through my head: I’ll try this. I’ll do this. Ooh, wouldn’t this be exciting! I can’t wait! And then the other thoughts, the safety traps, the counter mechanisms, the judgments, the space between what I want to do and what I’ve done so far.Read the articleRead the article

Reinvent Business Hackathon: Fast Company, Frog Design + 200 Hackers in San Francisco

“Reinvent Business” Hackathon – Winning Concepts from frog on Vimeo. After a whirlwind week, this past weekend I was part of the inaugural frog design, LRN and Fast Company‘s weekend summit “Reinvent Business Hackathon.” It was a 2-day intense creative event with 180 people from around the world to break into small teams to change business and re-humanize the structuresRead the article

Life Doesn’t Always Go According to Plan… Hospitals, Applications, Hackathons, and Other Adventures.

Image from Murray Mitchell. OVERWHELMED. That’s the word of the week. First: I am grateful. For you. ALL of you. You’re stunning. More updates on the Start Something Project project in just a bit. As you know, it—LIFE—sometimes doesn’t go exactly as planned. Scratch that – it never goes according to plan. Yet here was the planRead the articleRead the article

THE START SOMETHING PROJECT: It’s Time to Take Yourself—And Your Dreams—Seriously.

It’s like I just woke up. And I realized: this is it. We only have one world. We only have one life. This IS your chance. This IS your life. What you are doing right now, today. Tomorrow. The day after that. What are you doing? That’s you. That’s what you’re doing. Do you like it? Are you readyRead the articleRead the article