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Book Notes: Traffic

Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (And What That Says About Us) By Tom Vanderbilt, 2008. Traffic is an age-old problem: ever since humans have figured out ways to move beyond the facility of our two feet, we have encountered problems of congestion, traffic, movement, and organization. Advances in technology and new formsRead the article

Open Moments and Forgetting About Time

The more I have to do, the more stuff I have, the more I feel anxious about time. I check the clock, the analog clock I keep to plan things, I mark up my calendars, and I rush-rush-RUSH to get things done. Letting go means things go slower, differently. Doing Less means being okay withRead the article

2011 in photos

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Dear Car, It’s Complicated. Love, Me. (I Think I Have an Emotional Attachment)

 Dear Car, I guess it’s time we said good bye. This is harder than I thought it would be. I kind of like you. Scuff Scuff. I kick my feet in the dirt. I mean, we were pretty good friends, right? You’ve been with me for 20,000 miles – I don’t even want toRead the article

Make Time and Space for What Matters

Make time and space for the things that are the most important to you. If you don’t know what those are, make time and space for the finding out what things are most important to you. Making time and space for what matters means you need to know what matters to you. So: what mattersRead the article

Cleaning is Cathartic.

Throw stuff away. Give stuff away. Un-finish things. The process of reduction is fascinating. In food science, reduction is about simmering basic ingredients together and slowly eliminating water – until you’re left with a rich, thick, wonderful sauce full of the taste and flavor. In life, reduction is about making the most out of whatRead the article

Steph Nelson: Planning, Monterey Bay, and Work-Life-Location Balance

Steph Nelson, a City + Regional Planning graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, works with the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments in Monterey, CA.  Located an hour and a half south of San Francisco, Steph talks about accepting a fabulous job in Transportation and Regional Planning while  balancing work with herRead the article

30 days Car-FREE: An Experiment

Can I go 30 days without a car? As part of “Lessons from Less,” and in a follow-up to my question about whether or not I should keep my car, I set out at the end of December to go for 30 days without my car to see if I can wrangle up the nerveRead the article

Finish Something

Finish something. We spend so much energy starting, thinking, dreaming and creating. You’ve gone through and un-finished projects that don’t matter. You’ve cleared your closets and space of things, slowly, and you’ve made a little more time for yourself by deliberately doing less. Today, finish something. Don’t try to finish everything. Finish one thing. JustRead the article

Un-finish 10 things

Don’t finish everything. There are things that aren’t worth doing. Delete them. That half-finished magazine? Recycle it. The book you’re not that into? Don’t read the rest of it. The clothes you keep meaning to fix? Don’t fix them – give them away, donate, or get rid of them. Today, unfinish, throw away, or cleanRead the article