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Thoughts On Negativity And Fear

Yesterday I felt my negative attitude — towards my job, my career stumbles, and my unfinished projects — slipping away. I had several days of negativity cloud me, follow me, and I couldn’t shake it. I was scared, I was worried, I was afraid. I felt like nothing was going right. And today, I wokeRead the article

The Last Lecture: Golden Gems from Randy Pausch

If you found out you only had 6 more months to live, what would you want your legacy to be? What would you tell your friends, your family, and your loved ones?  We all wonder what our memories will be, and what thoughts, values, and ideas we will leave behind should we suddenly be facedRead the article

Carlos Almendárez: Project Director, Bay Area Community Resources

Carlos Almendárez, a 2003 graduate of UC Berkeley, is the Project Director for Bay Area Community Resources (BACR). He oversees 12 after-school programs for San Francisco Unified School District. His passion for sports, education, community involvement, and work-life balance led him to a job that he loves – working with students, people, and sports. InRead the article

‘The Art of Choosing’: Too much choice?

“We all have dreams, big and small, about how our lives will unfold,” Psychologist Sheena Iyengar says, in describing her book The Art of Choosing. “What will I become, we each ask ourselves. What job will I have? What career will I choose?” she narrates in a recent Webinar discussing her popular book. In describingRead the article

Jump start your next project: If not you, then who?

Today was a typical day at the office. There is a challenging task ahead of me, a pile of work on the desk, an application to be put together and several meetings to attend. At home it’s the same story: there are several backlogs of articles needing to be written, stuff to do to catchRead the article

Blink Tag, Inc: On starting your own web / technology company

This interview, with Brendan Nee and Jed Horne of Blink Tag Inc, focuses on web development, technology consulting, and starting your own company right out of school. Blink Tag is a startup company that specializes in web development, transportation and city planning websites, graphic design, and web consulting. Brendan and Jed did their graduate programsRead the article