Monthly Archives: April 2010

(Don’t) work until you drop

A colleague of mine just sent me a quick email. She said, “I skipped lunch and now it’s 2pm and I’m just going to keep on crunching until 7 to just get this thing done and get home.”  I asked her what she was planning on doing once she arrived home.  She replied – “NothingRead the article

Budget sense: how much money does food cost me?

So you’ve graduated from college and you’re (hopefully) not living at your parents house anymore.  You have a job, and even though it’s not THE job that you eventually want, you’re on track to start making your way up the ladder and working towards the career you want to have. Your days have changed aRead the article

Knowing when to take a break: how to recover from a hard day at work

Your boss just yelled at you for the third time, you missed a deadline, and you barely got any sleep for three days in a row. Lurking questions you’ve had about your career choice come rushing to the forefront of your mind, and your thoughts are inundated with yearnings to snap out at your boss,Read the article

Choosing and switching a college major

Hi Sarah, I’m a junior in college, and that essentially means that I’m supposed to have my life figured out, but I feel like that’s not true at all! I am still undeclared in my major, although I’ve been focusing on economics and international studies during my first two years. I’ve been looking for jobsRead the article