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What makes a life worth living? What will you do with your one “wild and precious life”? How will you design the arc of your time here on the planet? Let’s ask big questions.

When I hold on too tight…

I’ve noticed that when I hold on to things, it doesn’t mean that they get better. When I held on–and I held on so tight! –the writing didn’t get better, the launch of my newsletter didn’t get any better; it got longer. It almost disappeared into the abyss of doubts and worries, of perfections and neuroses; itRead the article

“You can have everything you want.” — “You will never be enough.”

Are we being taught to want everything and never be happy with anything that we get? Why these two cultural mindsets don’t serve us–and how pervasive they are in our everyday lives.Read the article

Everyone starts somewhere.

Even the master yogi took a first class. To become anything, you have to begin. Start somewhere, take a tiny step. Something is better than nothing. Everyone starts somewhere.

Are You Too In Love With A Dream to Make It Real?

Where does your mind go when you daydream? That big dream, that thing in your mind–the really big one. Yes, that one. What’s your big, scary, hairy, crazy, totally unrealistic dream? The one you wish for fervently and find yourself thinking about on and off while wandering? Have you thought about making it real? Making itRead the article


Bravery. Bravery is showing up. Bravery is saying what you believe in. Out loud. To the people who need to hear it. Even if that person is you.  It’s having honest communication with your self, your teams, your communities. Bravery is saying no when you know you need to. It’s saying no to the wrong things soRead the article

Are You A Watcher Or A Judger?

A few weeks ago, I was teaching some of Spring’s early-season open water courses down at Aquatic Park near Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. A group of new swimmers stood, shivering, outside of the water while the coaches and I explained the process of getting acclimated to cold water temperatures and critical things to knowRead the article

Everybody Has Something

I’ve lived long enough–and talked to enough people–to know that everyone has something. Behind the exterior, behind the face, behind the brilliance or seeming-perfection, there are stories. People have lived through loss, hardship, trauma, and fear; they have scars that are visible and invisible; and despite all evidence to the contrary, most–if not all–people are dealingRead the article

Do You Have A Life Philosophy?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your hearts, minds, families and homes be filled with gratitude and blessings. As part of this season’s focus on gratitude and thanks, I’m doing a huge number of THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAYS!  I’m giving away lots of good things throughout the entire month of November (and now I’m up until Christmas–I have moreRead the articleRead the article

How To Make a Difference

No one cares about your ideas. They care about what you do with those ideas. Figure out how things work. Figure out why things are the way they are. Learn like crazy, and never stop. Learn how and where you can make changes. If the structure isn’t working, ask yourself why: Is it the people? The assumptions?Read the article

Why Integrity Matters So Much

I was asked to write about Integrity as part of Molly Mahar’s “Blog Crawl” on self-love this February. Today’s post is part of Stratejoy’s The ABC’s of Self Love Blog Crawl + Treasure Hunt. Molly’s series is part of her bigger program called The Fierce Love Course. I had a chance to meet with Molly inRead the article