Take up space.

Take up space with your body. With your gestures, with your height, with your size. If you’re petite, take up space. If you’re tall, take up space. Fill the room with the weight of your body, and then expand again with the weight of your soul.

Take up space with your voice. Lift it high and let it sink low. Take up space with your expressions, with your sounds, with the ability to use your voice.

Too often I see people shrinking, crouching, and cowering. They soften their voice, make their expressions delicate and demure, they speak passively and apologetically.

Do not apologize.

Do not shrink.

Fill the page with your words. With your ideas. With your sound.

Let your laughter fill a room. Paint the edges of the areas around you with your body. Use your body in new shapes that you haven’t tried on before. Yowl, squeak, whine, stamp, thud, creak, and wail in ways that are new to you.

You have this body, this voice, this ability, right now. Why not try it?

Because you are here, right now, for a moment.

Take up space.

With your body.
With your voice.
With your expressions.
With your words.
With your sounds.
With your ideas.
With your projects.
With yourself.