“Good, Fine, Busy”

When someone asks you how you are, do you answer in one of the following three ways?

I’m good!

I’m fine.

Ohhh, Busy.

Imagine eliminating those three words. What would you say instead? How would you respond?

Inspired in part by a sign on my wall, and a 2003 post by Penelope Trunk called “Stop Being Busy.” 

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4 Responses to “Good, Fine, Busy”

  1. Monica says:

    I answer “Excellent!”, which surprises many people. They usually ask why and I answer: “Well, I live in a great place (Canada), I have my family, a job*, food in the fridge. I don’t live in a warzone and I won’t be beaten for showing my ankles.” Invariably they will agree and realize what we often take for granted: compared to many people in the world, we don’t have much to complain about. * Due to the recession I lost my job, so I am grateful to be employed again.
    Speaking of gratitude, I must give thanks for the book “Stop With The BS”. I am enjoying the read and seeing how I can apply the lessons to my own life.

  2. Kenneth Vogt says:

    Don’t you just love Penelope Trunk? She talks about how to get off the busy merry-go-round in her excellent post. Have you ever wondered why you bought a ticket to ride in the first place? Then you may also find this interesting: http://www.veraclaritas.com/busy-equals-blame/

  3. Pete says:

    Morning Sarah!

    As you know from our discussions, I view “busy-ness” as a weakness. Too many people confuse activity with accomplishment!

    I guess to “how are you”, I am “striving…a work in progress!”.



  4. I just put myself in STOP mode. I may never come out of it. Thanks for the reminder and link to PT’s post.