Monthly Archives: August 2012

“To those I love.”

This post is in memory of my lovely, beautiful grandmother whose memorial party I had the joy of attending this past weekend. I am blessed to be surrounded by curious, fascinating, lovely family who chatter, chirp, and move like I do. We gathered to celebrate of the life of an amazing woman–my mother’s mother–who broughtKeep ReadingKeep Reading

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes! Donate to the water adventure and WIN BIG. Oh, and help the world.

Magic doesn’t happen without a whole lotta hustle. With the start of a dream, you put your thoughts to the world, you whisper a promise, you believe that something is possible—and then you get out there and you chase it. On July 12, I opened my big mouth and made a promise. We made aKeep ReadingKeep Reading

The Proust Questionnaire

On wandering and lost conversations. Do you have a minute to wander? How about an hour to stop, pause, reflect, and think? Take notebook, some scratch paper, a word-document (if you’re brave, and can trust yourself not to wander over to the vast glorious internet pages in the middle of a thought stream, then doKeep ReadingKeep Reading

“What I Do”

Option 1: Landscape Architect, Explorer  What do I do? I never know how to answer this question. Do I start with swimming? Architecture? Writing? All of the people and things and quirks I love about San Francisco? My incessant love of traveling? I’m never sure how to answer or what people are really asking. IKeep ReadingKeep Reading