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The One-Page “Career Cheat Sheet” — Free Download

Do you like your job? Do you like what you do? I’ve spent time with a wide range of folks – people in start-ups, people in recently established businesses, people in small companies, and people in large companies. This question comes up a lot, yet you can’t seem to figure out whether or not toRead the article

What if…

What if … Everyone is watching? … No one is watching? … You do it anyways? … You don’t get enough sleep? What if … The worst happens? … The best happens? What if … …You’re wasting your opportunity? …You can’t put it off until tomorrow, because you don’t get another tomorrow? What if … …Read the article

Is The Hard Work Worth It?

There comes a few moments each year, when I stand in front of my desk and I watch pieces start to float together. Articles I’ve written six months earlier come to light online and in print; books I’ve designed years ago get transfered from manuscript to first draft to pushing iterations; invisible lines of websiteRead the article